Monday, January 3, 2011

Pikcha update!

As you may remember from a previous post, this is Clint. Cute huh?

Gingerbread houses on Christmas eve at Clint's parents:

Clint's family does the whole hold-up-your-present-and-smile-for-a-picture thing. I had never done this before. My first attempt was a bit awkward, as you can see from below. But I LOVE the new Nixon watch Clint gave me. What a keeper.

I got free tickets to one of the ASU basketball games! I'm WAY more into sports than Clint. It's funny. It was SUCH a good game!
Clint's family Christmas party. Want to know why I'm so exhausted? I stayed up past 2AM trying to make cinnamon rolls. They failed miserably. Then I woke up early to try it again. Again, fail. Maybe next time, eh
Thanksgiving with Clint's family in the desert! It was a fun change from the traditional.

There you have it. Clint is a handsome man. I sincerely feel bad for all the other girls in the world. Sorry, he's taken.

Also, I'm coming out with a bunch of new headbands soon. Check out the clearance sale here while they're still around!

You are what you choose.
Remember those New Years Resolutions!

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Michelle said...

How fun! Looks like you two have lots of fun together:)