Saturday, January 1, 2011

I love new things

There's something special about something new.
I'm excited for 2011.
Like, really excited.

You know what's coming up. Here are some of the resolutions:

Learn to sew. Step one is completed! I bought a sewing machine.
Take a dance class. I miss it SO much.
Improve my GPA.
Go somewhere I've never been.
Go here twice a month. Because let's face it, it's worth it. Read around on the link for more information.
Run the turkey trot. I say I'm going to every year, then don't. I REALLY hate running. But that's how you build character right? Doing things you hate? Perfect.

I have also compiled a wish list. Here are a few things I wouldn't mind the company of in 2011.
Red Vans:
I love red

Center Bangs:
I've been thinking I've wanted them for a long time.
I need a change with my hair.
I'm not daring enough to change the color.
And I love the length.
Bangs it is!

Polaroid Camera.[ A newer model wouldn't hurt. ]So I can take these:A vintage dress:Hello 2011. Welcome to my life.

1 comment:

amy (metz) walker said...

Um, you are stunning! Can I arrange a marriage with you & my baby brother? :)