Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nice buns!

One of my [secret] New Year's resolutions was to put more effort into getting ready. Typically, I'm in bed to out the door in about 30 minutes. Including breakfast and making a lunch. The truth is, I know the goal will be short lived. I just don't care enough about what I see in the mirror. But it's still fun to try sometimes. Yesterday I tried this new "do".

I tackled changing the hair, but I wore it with a total typical Alexis outfit. Blue and white striped 3/4 button up shirt. Brown leather waist belt that knots in the front. Brown flats. Maybe someday I'll branch out :)
Super easy. It's not like I invented the braid into the bun thing, but I'm still proud of myself for trying something new. Wanna know the how-to? First do the braid and estimate how long it will need to be to stop before going into the bun. Tie it off with a clear hair tie. twist the bun first, and then the hair from the braid around that. Just throw a hair tie over that and, TA DA! I tried it with one of my beautiful bands I have up for sale and It was even cuter.
Cute, no? You can purchase this one on sale for $7 here.

Also, am I the only one who has discovered that man sweatpants are the most comfortable things in the world? Seriously girls, go to the men's section for PJs. They're amazing. Boys, why have you been keeping this secret from us?!
Excuse the hands on the hips. You can't take ALL the girl out of me.

So, Have you seen Taken? Most bad A movie out there. He's the boss everyone is referring too. Seriously, watch it. Have a man night. Go buy some man sweatpants and watch taken. Best advice ever. You're welcome.

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