Friday, December 31, 2010

Remember that time it totally snowed...

in Mesa, Arizona. Aka, the DESERT! This is what a Desert should look like:
Not this:
Not this:
Got it?
Yes, it's true. It snowed yesterday.
I love snow.
It's fluffy and pretty.
You can't make snowmen out of anything else.
Trust me, I like having a snowball fight as much as the next person.
But why, oh why, must is be cold!
It's a total waste of awesome.
It's like having a ring with no fingers.
Like a puppy with no ball.
Like a day off for surgery to amputate your legs.
Like a cupcake with no frosting.
Like a house with no roof.
Like a soccer player with no legs.
Like a computer with no keyboard.
You get my point.
It's a total waste.
And really, it just doesn't make sense.
Anyone with me?

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