Thursday, December 23, 2010


We've all had regrets in our lives before right? Right. Well, I'm here to talk about the worst kind.
Shopper's remorse.
Not the kind where you spend too much money.
Even worse.
The kind where you find this amazing item that would absolutely be perfect for you. Really, it's like your personality in clothing form. The kind of item that is always worn with a huge smile as an accessory. BUT, you don't buy the item. Not only are you faced with immediate 24 hour lasting remorse, but you continue to be haunted by this item. It seems everywhere you look people are wearing this gem.
Rocking it.
Really, they look amazing.
You don't.
You look down at your barely tolerable outfit.
Suddenly you feel like puking.
Then you decide that would make you look even less cute.
So you hold it back.
Sometimes you shed a tear. Or did it just rain a drop or two right on your face? You can never really be sure.
My story: This item for me was an adorable black and white polka dot cardigan. See above picture. Mine kind of looked like the picture. Except there wasn't a creepy old lady holding it. OH, and it was white with black polka dots. And it had cute ruffles down the middle. Okay, so it didn't really look at all like the picture, but everyone knows a blog is more fun with pictures.
I'm still in love with that little black and white polka dotted ruffled gem. If anyone finds my long lost love, please notify me immediately. We all know it's no fun to live with a broken heart.
The above is a 100% true story. Don't believe me, ask a girl. It happens to the best of us.

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