Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Because celery just tastes bad

Yesterday. I was sitting at my desk at work when a thought popped into my cranium.
"Sometimes it would be fun to be skinny"

I think we can all admit that vintage looks better on skinny. Not that curves can't rock the lacey tops and pearls. They can. It's just not quite not the same. And let's just face it, I was not born to be a size zero. I'm built...solid.

Then, I looked down at the gummy worms in my hands. They told me it was a dumb idea. So, I listened, and in my belly they went. Curse the kind spirit that is Clint's mom for giving me a large sum of sweets to celebrate th birth of our Savior!
But Seriously.
My conscious wouldn't let me submit a blog like this. Therefore, here's what I really think. We're all born with different body types! I think we should love and respect the bodies we're blessed with. I know that I am healthy, and that's all I need. So what if I can't rock the lacey, feminine tops. I CAN rock some mean sweatpants. Holla! Plus, I got the back all those dark skinned males be droolin over. das whats up!

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