Sunday, October 24, 2010


Today in church we had a lesson on patience. It seems we all think patience is a virtue everyone else should possess. We don't have time to be patient right? Elder Uchtdorf in General Conference in April 2010 gave this talk. I would definitely read it if I were you. Your view on patience will change. He talks about a study with four year olds. They were given a marshmallow and told they would get two if they could wait 15 minutes. Only 30% could wait. They followed the children and found that those who were able to wait, had greater happiness and success in life.

"A landmark study suggesting that The ability to wait, to be patient, was a key character trait that might predict later success in life"

I consider myself a fairly patient person. Sometimes. If everything goes my way.
(just kidding)
I think patience an area always needing improvement. Seriously though, I am in no way a perfectionist. I like to get things done and then on to the next thing. This means the things I do aren't always the best I can make them. So, this week, I'm going to be more patient. If you see me being impatient, you have all permission to smack me. I won't get annoyed when you walk ridiculously slow in front of me. I won't get irritated with my teachers making a ton of assignments due on Halloween weekend. I will willingly wait the 5 seconds for my texts to send. I will be patient with doing my lab report this week. I will part of that 30% :)


blackflag486 said...

I need to have more patience when people are driving really slow in fornt of me. I will work on this!


Sk8r486 said...

I guess I'm a "follower" now.. Haha