Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm bad at coming up with blog titles.

Organic chemistry has got to be the hardest class I've ever taken. Especially the lab. So today in lab me and my partner basically flooded it. As you can see, it was kind of a complex apparatus. This doesn't show it all, obviously. One of the tubes was not going the right place. Instead, it was pumping water out all of the floor. It took until we were standing in a huge puddle to notice. Clark Kent was not so happy with us. "We're you're favorite students huh?" Yeah, he didn't like that so much. Hands down, my least favorite part of my major is Organic Chemistry. More specifically, lab reports.
Aside from the feelings of complete horror and dread that come from chemistry, I love my major. I love learning about something that I can apply easily to my life and will improve me as a person. I am LOVING the management class I'm in right now. I love working with numbers and problem solving. I'm thinking I might want to go down that avenue more, versus the clinical aspect. We had a speaker come in in that class earlier this week. He is the "head honcho" at the VA clinic in Phoenix. A clinic dietician there (TWO LEVELS under him) makes 98K a year. Uhm, okay. I'll take that. I'll take a hefty check for doing something I love. :) I can't imagine what he makes. Money isn't everything, but it's a tool that opens up a lot of opportunities. Such as a Summer in Europe. If you can follow your heart, do what you love, and make good money, hoorah!

My wish for today is that people would learn to use a round a bout.

My lesson learned for the day: Do not leave a nectarine in your back pack and forget about it. It will come out looking like a prune. gross.

I'm not Ms. Save-the-polar-bears, but littering is not even cool.

Also, I bought a sewing machine. Step one for learning to sew, completed. :) I'm so domestic.

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