Thursday, May 6, 2010

My favorite doctor!

This is my favorite doctor. If it weren't for Dr. Pepper, I would be dead right now...or at least asleep. That's right, It's finals week! So crazy! Not only is my head on the verge of EXPLOSION But I am also burnt out and wish to no longer study. Funny story. On my way to school today (i had a final at 7:30 AM and another TOMORROW) I started freaking out because my car kept beeping at me. I've only had it for like two weeks and had no idea what the crap was up. I was ready to pul over when Daniel -we were talking on the phone- asked if my backpack was on my seat. Yep, my backpack was enough to set the passenger seat belt warning off. I think teachers and chiropracters must have a deal with each other. You destory the backs of our youth, you get 10% of the sales. Heck, I'd do it. By the way, lost my keys. Please don's steal my car, world! It feels pretty stinkin good to be almost done with an additional 16 credit hours! Can't believe I'm (more then) halfway done with college! After Tuesday that is. :) then I can have my LIFE back!
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