Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Two Towsand and WHAT!

2010? What the…how long has that been there!? Although 2009 was

a fantastic year, I’m excited for the opprotunity that lies in 2010. 2009 was one of my most difficult years, and Ilearned a TON! Ready to hear my very own thoughts?! TA DA! (by the way, these are in no order. Just however they pop into my scattered brain!)

Uno (for those of you who don’t hablas espanol, uno is spanish for one.) EVERYday we have the opportunity to become better than we were yesterday. How stinkin cool is that?!

2. Babies are the BEST entertainment. Hands down, the end, double stamp no erasies!

3. You have two choices. You can hate your job, or love your job. But either way…you have to go to work. Personally, I’d go with the second option if I were you.

4. The most important thing in any relationship is how you make each other feel. Meaning, you want to bring each other UP! Got it? Good. Moving forward.

5. Don’t let grades get in the way of learning! Poetic? Thank you!

6. Color coded planners are the only way to go. Seriously. Don’t believe me? I’m happy to show anyone!

7. What has worrying EVER accomplished. (I see two here actually. Jack, and Squat.)

8. Seek solutions, not problems.

9. People are always more interested in how much you care than how interesting you are.

10. Sometimes peoples biggest faults are their greatest qualities. Embrace it. “Alexis, you’re crazy.” “No really, imaginary blog critic, listen.” Say someone isn’t super considerate. But maybe they aren’t considerate because they personally don’t get offended. They’re slow to anger, patient, easy going. good things right? BAM! two points for me

12. Our bodies are a gift. When someone gives us a gift do we critisize it? NOPE! Just like with our bodies, we should be thankful, and embrace it! Just like how some people have blue eyes and some people have green, one is not better than the other.

11. Rear view mirrors are helpful for checking every now and then, but try driving with them. (yes I am capable of a similie. Or is it a metaphore? BRITTANY!)

13. I REALLY would to anything for my family

14. I have to have goals.

15. I wonder how many miracles are in every single flippin day that we don’t even acknowledge. Chance? Ya right!

16. “Just go to medical school.” “Don’t do that, this is better.” “____gets paid better.” Take others advice for what it is. But when you’re making your big choices, the most important thing is how you feel about it.

17. Life is not a competition. How many times do you hear people say, “please, that’s nothing….” And go on to try and prove how their life is harder….why! If it were up to me we would all be supportive of each other. ITS NOT A COMPETITION!

18. Why live if you’re not going to enjoy it?....you know what I mean ;) Life is meant to be lived!

19. Sometimes sleep really is the best use of time.

20. You will ALWAYS be happier if you’re grateful.

A goal not written is only a wish right?

Here are a few of the resolutions: (oops, i'll post the picture later :))

Temple at least twice a month(one more than last year!)

Go somewhere I’ve never been

Improve GPA

Learn to throw a football the right way ;)

The quote at the bottom is: “Character is the discipline to follow through with resolutions long after the spirit in which they were made has passed.” I don’t remember who said it. That means I get to take credit right? ;)

I love the opportunity that lies in starting something new. 2010? Bring it!

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Travis Butterfield said...

my favorite is #19. you're hilarious, by the way.