Friday, May 14, 2010


FREEDOM! This must be like how the slaves felt when they were finally released to live a life of their own! Thats right, the semester is over. Summer school starts in a few weeks, but I rather not think about that right now. Until June 1st, my life is my own! Ready for the stats.....drumroll please!
16 credit hours, minimum 20 hours working a week, and a billion other things going on.
Anatomy and Physiology II: A
Writing for the Professions: A
Applied food principles: A
Food service purchasing: B
Applications in Human Nutrition: B
Yes, it was hard for me to announce this to the world, thanks for asking! Okay, so let me explain for two minutes, just because It'll make me feel better okay! So the reason for the first B: I was 2.5 points away from a B+. I missed a quiz from documentable medical reasons, and she wouldn't let me make it up! She said that if I was on the border, she would take this into consideration. I had an 87.6%, I guess thats not enough. So that is REALLY frustrating because if I would have been allowed to make up the quiz, I don't doubt that I would have a higher grade right now. BLASPHEMY! The second B, I was 4 points away. So, LAME. Whatever. School, I give YOU a B. How's that? Actually, B-, NO, C! so there! So my semester GPA is a 3.63. That's not horrible right? STOP IT! I see you 4.0 students rolling your eyes at me! In the grand scheme of things, grades aren't that important. I wont be buried with my transcripts, or bring my report card to the pearly white gates. I did well, did my best, and I'm satisfied. So what if school isn't one of my best talents. I have other talents. Did you know I can touch my nose with my tongue? Not really, but that would be cool huh! There's been a boat load of other things going on. Got in an accident, totaled a car, got a new car, 4 stomach "things" in two months (i think I might be allergic to something), Daniel and I have been having LOADS of fun together. All in all, life is good. I have lots more pictures of us to upload, and I'll do that as soon as I can get up and get my camera. Yep, you guessed it. Sick again! In conclusion: officially over half way done with college, I love my life, and I am starting to discover what free time is! Woot!

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