Saturday, November 14, 2009


Halloween was SO much fun this year! Me and Brittany started off with taking Brett cupcakes for his birthday. On the way I gave a homeless man one of the cupcakes. the dietitican in me wished I had an apple. Then we went to go find our fun outfits! We decided to do something that fits our personality so....we decided on nerds! we found killer costumes! then I went home for our family get together! Lilly was an elephant! isn't she SO cute!We hung out with the fam, had some pizza and Halloween treats. Then i went to Brittanys! We went to some regional church dance type thing for a bit. then we went to the party at the hanger. It was a blast! the best part about dressing up as a nerd? you can totally get away with the nerdiest dance moves! And trust me, i had a LOT of them!!! There were some really creative costumes there! One of my favorites was Pinky and the Brain. There was also a guy there in all silver like those street performers. It was quite possibly the best halloween. Now i just need an excuse to wear those suspenders again!