Sunday, October 18, 2009

For Laura, my impatient e-stalker :)

My stake had a girl ask guy rodeo. I asked Jacob. Let’s start there. I got a big pumpkin, cut a little hole in the back, and shoved pennies through with the letters of my name written on them with sharpie. I tied a tag around it with some cheesy saying like “Let’s go round up some fun, cut inside to find out who your cowgirl is”. I know, I have reached a whole new level of cheesiness. Now for the actual event! We started out with some delish cowpeople (cowboy+cowgirl=cowpeople) food. Then the rodeo started. Let me tell you, Jake was so impressed with the amount of training these cows have had; like a kid in a candy store. So they roped some cattle, did their cowboy thing, and then it was our turn. All our strong boys went up for a round of tug of war. What STUDS! I was pretty impressed with their manly strength! Brett maybe tried a little too hard, especially after eating. He puked quite a bit. He was such a soldier though! Good jokes for the rest of the night :) Then it was on to pictures. As you can see, we decided to tell a story. After that, Jake managed to dance about a half of a song with me (not by my choice for sure!) and then we were on to the bonfire! Too bad I don’t have any pictures of it, because it was AMAZING. Huge fire! We had sobe bombs, pretty cool! When it was all done, we had a fire to put out. No one brought a shovel so Jake had a genius idea of filling the cooler with sand and putting sand on the cardboard we had and then pouring it on the fire…success! We had so much fun! Jacob is one of the funniest people I know, and gives my abs a good workout from all the laughing! All the boys are pretty good for some laughs. Our whole group was comprised of way cool people! Couldn’t have picked a better one! I don’t know about everyone else, but I thought it was a pretty dang good time! I'm looking into becoming a cowgirl full time. :) life is beautiful


Laurisa Ashley Whiting said...

Okay I love your blog and you!! SO CUTE! wow. this rodeo looks like so much fun! I love these pictures! You are really good at blogging, you have the cutest personality...I decided we need to hang out :) k?

A Beautiful Day To Be Alive said...

Haha you are my first commenter EVER!!! you're so sweet! okay, lets hang out! go dancing maybe? :) doesn't matter much what we do because life is beautiful!!!! :D