Thursday, October 15, 2009

The chicken came first.

In my anatomy lab on Tuesday we "exploered" a cadaver. It was my first time and I was super nervous! I had been hyping myself up for weeks! I was fully planning on puking or fainting...or both. But i'm happy to say, i was a brave little scientist. I have held a human heart in my hands! who can say they've done that! The person we had was in her early 80s. She had cardiovascular disease and so her heart was huge! typically, its about the size of your fist, but hers was larger then two of my fists. it was incredible. She has had open heart surgery, so we could see the wires through her flesh on her ribs. they use wire to "sew" the bones back together after they break them for surgery. Also, she was a heavy drinker and the liver was huge from filtrating all the toxins.. I'm a little bit afraid of fat now. After pulling open the skin with a large layer of subcutaneous fat, we peeled away the layers of muscle, and then there was a layer of fat around her organs. not good! After pulling out the organs and examining the body, we removed the cloth from her face and peeled back the skin from her face. The eyes were open, CREEPY! Some of the groups popped out her eyeballs. thankfully, no one in my group did. They had sawed open the skull so you could take out the brain too. Amazing, right? The more i learn, the more i realize i dont know anything. The anatomy, science, everything is so complex. Especially the bodies we are blessed with. I could never believe that our whole world was created from some "big bang". I think we're all worth more then a pile of dust, dont you? Everywhere i look there is greater evidence of God. I'm thankful to have religion in my life, it brings purpose to every day :).

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