Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fines de semana de PERFECTION!

This is from a service project from last weekend. We went to Neavitt elementary to paint fences! I figured it had to have saved them a ton of money not to have to hire people. And you know me, always thinking of the children! :) So we got up at 6 on a saturday and spent 6 hours in 103 degrees painting these fences. No worries though. Me and brittany have the super hero talent of being able to make just about anything fun. We told each other every joke we've ever heard in our lives, along with quoting movies. Speaking of which, next time you talk to me, i have this AMAZING knock knock joke to tell you ;) things were probably a lot more funny due to our lack of sleep. why were we only running on a few hours of sleep you ask? the best reason in the world....HOCKEY!!! we went to the ASU hockey game the night before. 5$ for students? sign me up! it was incredibly fun! We were the number two fans their, easy. Number one fan had a cowbell. Come on, a cow bell. He was curing fevers left and right. That'll get you number one anywhere! My only complaint? not enough fighting. We heckled a bit here and there. i'll leave the rest to your imagination. Hoepfully, you have a good one. I'm pretty flippin lucky to have Brittany as a friend. She's so positive and sweet and so much fun! and adorable! I could go on for days. point in case, she's amazing. And yes boys, you can have her number. just contact me with a resume and backround check and i'll see what i can do! :) can life get any better?

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Laurisa Ashley Whiting said...

Okay, You are adorable! I love the way you say things. You're a great writer/Blogger! How fun! Well...SHE'S lucky to have you as a friend! GO YOU-Service oriented and everything! How well rounded :) You're so cute! I love that we are Blogging buddies now :)