Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Celebrating One Year!

Ainsley's birthday, although bittersweet, was fabulous. 
We had a perfect day. 
Ainsley and I stayed home during the day. I fed her her favorite things, didn't worry about chores, and devoted the whole day to loving on her. Clint was able to get off work an hour early so we headed to the park before sunset. 
 Her in her big girl car seat, a birthday/Christmas gift from my parents!

 She has been carrying this thermometer around for weeks! She doesn't let it go. It's okay though, I think it's adorable. Also, she was totally walking at Christmas time and now she's back to crawling? Oh well! I'm not in a hurry.

 Munchin on the cutest belly around.

 So blessed to have such a happy girl

 What good is a birthday if you can't wear a big, fluffy tutu?

 We chased the ducks, which she thought was hilarious.
 She wanted to get in the water!

She now says uh oh, buh bye (buh), hi, dog (da!), ta da, and babbles incessantly. It's adorable.

 Probably one of my favorite pictures of her. It's SO HER.
 She only has two teeth in right now, but she has three that are ALMOST there!
 After we played at the park we got some dinner at a little taco shop. Baby girl LOVES some gaucamole.
 Then we went home for cake! We don't have any good pictures, stinkin lighting, but she was SO excited. I haven't really given her anything sweet, so she was in heaven with this cake! She ate a muffin and a half! (here is the recipe I used!)
 Oh, cake.
 Then she got a bath, which she loves!

 And then baby went to bed and mom and dad celebrated with some bubbly (a can of Dr. Pepper!) and a movie! It was a really great day. The only drawback was that it was sad not to have our Arizona friends and family around us to celebrate with us. It has been a hard year and I would have loved to enjoy the day with my family. BUT, it was still wonderful!

The next day we went to the zoo (which we had been wanting to do for awhile anyway) and Ainsley LOVED it. If you follow me on instagram (alexisks) I posted a portion of the video when she saw the monkeys. She loved it. Having a baby is so much fun. I love her. When I look at her, my heart swells with love. She is so great, sometimes I think I might even be able to go through the whole pregnancy ordeal again. 
I love you, sweet Ainsley Mae. 
To me, you will always be my sweet baby girl. 


Alicia Hanley said...

Happy birthday Ainsley!!

Chelsea said...

I can't believe she's one already! Sounds like you all had a perfect day. And girl, you are getting so good with your camera! I'm loving all these pictures. Love your outfit, too. Hot mama alert!

LaurenHoya said...

Adorable! Happy birthday, Ainsley! And congrats on surviving the first year :)

Jennifer said...

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