Monday, July 8, 2013

Netflix Kix

After I graduated my husband and I signed up for Netflix. 
I know. 
We're way behind the curve. 

I decided I'd do you all a favor and share some of my favorites from Netflix. 

The Lorax. 

It's classic and wholesome. And that whole "how ba-a-a-a-ad can I be" song will be stuck in your head for weeks which isn't entirely a bad thing. 

Love, Wedding, Marriage

Loved it. It's a little cheesy, but that's okay in my book every once in awhile. I'll admit, I've always been a sucker for anything Mandy Moore. It's been awhile since I watched this one, but I remember really liking it. 

Prison Wives 

Uh, I loved this show. Until it started giving me nightmares. Then I had to stop watching it. But seriously, it'll blow your mind. It's real life stories of people who have a spouse in jail. Get this, some of the people actually married after their spouse had already been in jail. All of the ones I saw the spouse was in for life. It's mind blowing to see such a different lifestyle. 

The Next Three Days

Possible the most intense, well put together, entertaining "guy movie" I've ever seen. It was all Clint and I could talk about for days after watching it! It's about a woman who was convicted of a murder. There's a prison wives sort of story going on for awhile too. The whole movie you're trying to figure out whether or not she did it. This is one I'm pretty sure anyone would love. It was such a smart movie! Date night? 

Forks Over Knives

Food documentary, of course. It goes into the advantages of vegan. While I don't feel that being a vegan is the best way to go, there are definitely advantages of eating a largely plant based diet. I found it really interesting although I wish it would have been a little more well rounded and gone into the disadvantages of veganism.


I didn't realize that I didn't know exactly what economics was until I watched this documentary. I seriously LOVED it. It's hard to describe what it's about. For example, the first section looks at naming and what goes into someones name and if it has any lasting effects on the persons life. Basically, watch it. It's so interesting. 


Do I really have to say anything about this? I love Sean and Gus' relationship. That's pretty much all. Although I will admit I'm a huge whimp and sometimes even those episodes freak me out. Like the Halloween one with that girl jumping out of the window of a psychiatric hospital? Creepy. 

I Hate Valentines Day

This one was kind of cheesy. It had that girl from My Big Fat Greek Wedding and some other guys name I don't know. Specific, huh? I feel like Netflix is very limited on their qualitiy chick flicks, but I thought this one was pretty entertaining. 

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

This one was really sad but beautifully done. Very though provoking. It's about a son of a Nazi soldier who makes friends with a boy at a concentration camp, not knowing he's a prisoner, essentially. 

The Science of Babies

I kind of just like Science. Super interesting. Did you know that babies are born with a stepping reflex? They get too fat but if you put them in water they'll make walking motions from the beginning of life. Cray-zay. 

This Emotional Life 

Probably my favorite thing I've watched on Netflix to date. It was so interesting (have I said that much?) and very educational. It talks about the resiliance of the human spirit, what goes into happiness, the science of depression, relationships. It was really good. Plus, I think since we're all humans we should have some basic knowledge about ourselves. Everyone should watch it. 


Brooke said...

This is a great list! You guys should also watch Locked Up Abroad. Seriously such a fantastic show!

Shay said...

I need to add Prison Break to this list- we are on round 2 of watching it- so good! Psych is my FAVE! And we are adding The Next Three Days to our cue right now! Thanks love!

Anonymous said...

I love love love llllooooooovvvvveee psych! With that one sista friend!

Anonymous said...

About the lorax's songs I totally agree! All of them in my head at least 4 Weeks especially the let it grow song! P.s chick flicks? The wedding planner!!!!!!!!!! Its awesome!

Aimee @ Like Mother Like Daughter said...

I love netflix streaming! When I run on our treadmill I watch shows or movies and I too liked love,wedding, marriage and next 3 days is amazing, and the boy in striped pajamas is the saddest movie i've ever seen. I think I need to go watch i hate valentines day now