Thursday, July 11, 2013

Life is good.

So how's your life going?
We're doing pretty dang good. 
Ainsley is SIX months old and a third of me wants to shout for joy (the part that misses sleep) and two-thirds of me wants to cry because it's going!
Her six month stats are: 
18 pounds, 5 ounces
26 inches long
both in 90th percentile. 

That's my big girl! 
She really is so much fun to have around and I love her so much I think my heart will burst. I've started telling her five things I love about her when I'm putting her to bed. I hope to remember to do it forever with all my babies. It's such a great reminder for myself of how blessed I am and hopefully Ainsley will get a small idea of how much her momma loves her. She is so precious to me! 

So life has been crazy busy. Could you tell by my large absence of blogging? I don't know how but my days all get so filled! I thought I would have so much time on my hands staying home with a baby! I had a mental list of all these things I wanted to do (learn to sew, learn spanish, make crafty crap, etc.) but none of it has happened because I'm so darn busy. What can I say? Ainsley loves attention and I love to give it to her. 

Clint still hasn't found a job. He graduated in May. Since I stopped working at the end of October, we've been making less than we need so we've relied on our savings. Well, that's getting smaller and smaller and I'm starting to freak out a little bit. Every day that passes with no job opportunities makes my heart sink a little deeper. Since we've been married, money has always been tight but we've always had enough. Now that we don't really, it's been a very humbling experience. Given the choice, I would opt out, but I'm grateful for this. We've cut down and cut down and cut down the budget more. It's been a good learning experience. Somehow not having money also reminds you how important the non-material things in life are.
 Example: I have the sweetest little girl and a husband that totally loves me. Basically, I have it all. 
I'm a lucky girl, I tell ya!

Also, you should probably all see the best love note ever written. 
And they call marriage the 'ol ball and chain....ha! 


Ali Mills said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that Clint finds something soon!!! ;)

Katie Elizabeth Hawkes said...

This is definitely a post I can relate to, including the "make craft crap" statement. haha. But for reals, I'm over here in expensive-town California with no job in sight....but hope is alive! I just tell myself that when it's right, something will work out. And I feel pretty calm about it all. Ask me again in a month if I'm still jobless and we'll see if my calmness continues :) Fingers crossed and prayers said for both of us!