Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Four Months

I know I haven't kept it a secret that the transition to motherhood has been really hard on me. 
Despite the difficulties, This girl brings me so much joy. 

Every smile, squeal, (infrequent) snuggle, etc makes my heart skip a beat. 
 Being a mom is tough, but it's also the bomb. I wouldn't change it. Even when she keeps me up all night (like last night!), I'm overwhelmed with love for my little Ainsley. My chest burns even just writing that. The love I have for Ainsley is so special. I'm so grateful to be her mom. I think she's amazing! She's four months old and I'm already amazed by the person she is! She's so happy, loving, forgiving, innocent, sweet... She's my (second) favorite human (after Clint, of course!).
 It's hard to see her grow up so quickly. I can hardly even remember what she looked like as a newborn! But, it's also so fun. I love to see her grow and develop into the happy, sweet baby she has become- a big change from her fussy newborn days! Here's to embracing every day with my little sweetheart! 

I love my sweet Ainsley Mae! 


Ali Mills said...

She's so cute!!! And you look great I promise! ;) We can definitely see how much you love that little girl ;)

Kaycie Eddie said...

You make me so excited to be a mom. :) And don't tell anyone (as I post this publicly on the internet), but I really love the middle name "Mae" too! It's my grandma's middle name.