Monday, June 3, 2013


Two is a small number. 
It's only one more than one, afterall. 
It sounds so small, but it seems so big to me, in some cases.
I can't remember when two used to be zero. 
Two is really 365+365, when talking about years. 
365 is a big number, right?

Clint and I have been married for two years (as of last month). 
That's 731 days, since last year was a leap year. 
It's been such an adventure, a learning adventure. 
Things have been difficult lately, but there's no one I'd rather spend my life with. Clint isn't perfect. He's human. He has flaws just like Joe Shmoe over there, but he's perfect for me. I love what a solid partnership we have. We act as a team. We're each others' biggest cheerleader. We pick each other up. We love. We care. We are goobers. We support each other. We admit when we're wrong (eventually). We get frustrated. We get hurt. We forgive. We kiss. We share experiences. We are parents together. We wipe each others' tears. We laugh. 

But mostly, we're totally in love with each other. 

I love the twenty-first of May


Denise said...

You have such pretty wedding pictures, Alexis! Happy Anniversary (last month)!!

Cara Howard said...

SO crazy!!! My whole life, I wanted to get married on May 21st. Turned out we got married on December 31st! Congrats on two years!!!