Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ainsley's Blessing

Ainsley was blessed on March 17th.
Our little angel of a baby looked gorgeous in her white blessing dress. Unfortunately, she had the worst blow out she's ever had within 5 minutes of the blessing. I mean, of course she did. Obviously.

 My brother Lane was being transferred from the hospital in California so my mom had to miss it to be with him. It was a hard day on me for that reason. I had a hard time not having my mom there and was worried that everything was going okay with my brother. He ended up making it safe and everything worked out in that regard. 

Aside from that it was a beautiful day. Clint gave Ainsley a gorgeous blessing. I actually recorded it on my phone so I can write it in my journal to show her later. She is such a sweet little girl and we feel so lucky to be her parents. Forget mother's day, we should have kid's day to honor how amazing kids are. I'm sure she's a bigger blessing in my life than I am in hers. Sometimes I look at her and I cry because I'm overwhelmed with gratitude and joy to get to be a witness to her life and the beautiful person I know she already is. It's hard to put into words and I'm not sure if any of that made sense. 

Let's move onto pictures. Before we do that, can we all promise to be nice? I'm really self concious about how I look in these pictures but I'd hate to hold back memories because of that. But we're all friends here right? You'll be nice to me. Please? :)

 My best friend Alyssa with her twin boys who just turned one!
 My best friend and sister Jenna! Try not to hate her for being so beautiful.
My awesome in-laws!
My kick-butt family!
 My special, new family. I love us. So lucky to have these two. Also, how flippin cute is my child?!


Ali Mills said...

You're gorgeous in these photos I don't care what you say ;)

And yes Ainsely is also gorgeous! ;)

We should do lunch soon! With our girls!

Erin said...

I love your little family picture! And your matching pink. Also, you look AWESOME. You've had some especially luscious hair lately, and I love it. You're a mama!

Aimee said...

You guys look beautiful! I never would have thought a single negative comment when seeing this pictures. Only beauty.

Camille said...

Girl you look great! Whatever is telling you to stop taking posts needs to be killed ASAP!

You're so amazing for going through the changes of motherhood with all the trials in your family simultaneously! Love ya girl, seriously, stop and pat yourself on the back for how awesome you are!

Denise said...

You look beautiful! What a great idea to record the blessing. I never thought about doing that! Perfect day, besides the blowout part :)

Kelsey said...

Love this! You look gorgeous! Such a sweet baby you've got!

Courtney B said...

Why are you self concious?! You look BEAUTIFUL! Such a happy, glowing momma :)
I recorded Mia's blessing as well... I need to get that written down before it's accidently deleted.