Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another thing about being a mom is...

I've always had a little ADD. It's self diagnosed and I'm about 99.9%...PINTEREST. 
Just kidding. 
But seriously, have you seen this ecard?
People, this is ME. 
If I thought I was bad before Ainsley made her appearance, I was wrong. Currently I have about 30 "projects" going. I work on each one for approximately 3.9 seconds, then baby calls and I forget what I was doing and project goes undone. By the way, I'm using the word project for anything that could appear on a to-do list. 

For example, I go to check my e-mail, baby cries. My session probably expires close to ten times (I hate how quick those expire) before I actually get to check my e-mail. 
Start making dinner, baby cries. Next thing you know milk has been out of the fridge before three hours and its integrity is in question. 
Throw in a load of laundry, baby cries. Forget about it for 2 days. 
Start folding her darling little baby clothes, baby cries. Pile of laundry is still there 24 hours later.
Heat some soup for lunch, baby cries. Soup burns. 

Moms (or just any type of person), can I get an amen?

This girl is worth it. I kind of love her a lot. 
And I love her grumpy face in this picture. Makes me laugh every time. 

p.s. I started this post over 24 hours ago. As short and simple as it is, it took me sitting down four different times to write it. Have I told you my baby doesn't sleep?
Now I want ice cream. 


Katie said...

That is the most precious grumpy face ever.

lj said...

Now that you've been a mom for a while, What do you think is harder, going to school and working, or being a mom?

Elise Frederickson said...

I love you and I love her grumpy face!

Brittany LeSueur said...

ha ha ha!!! This made me crack up. It just gets worse with each child so yah. You are a cute mommy and your little girl girl is adorable! We didn't get to talk at the blogger meet up, but I really enjoy your blog! SO cute!

Megan said...

not even joking, i lose my train of thought MID-SENTENCE!! I can be telling a really passionate story and then totally forget what I was talking about. what is up with that??? i blame it on motherhood but im pretty sure i was like that before Elijah was born...