Monday, January 7, 2013

If only I could master this skill....

I beat myself up a little too much. 
Basically, I'm a human being. 

Yesterday I gathered all my strength and dragged myself to church. Let me tell you, it was tough. My church is 3 hours long. In relief society (the last block where it's just the adult women), the teacher shared an incredible story! 

You all should read it now. If I could learn to master this skill, my happiness factor would be through the roof! 


Annie said...

This is perfect. Such a great reminder that we always have a choice.

Kayla said...

I can't even tell you... How much this was exactly what I needed. I can't even begin to explain. Thank you so much.

Mary Davis said...

SOOO off point. But, going to church at the end of pregnancy is so hard- basically, you get all the, "No baby yet?" jokes of every variety. And of course you WANT the thing out already, so the comments- arn't much help.

Oh, and great story. =]