Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Hatas

It has come to my attention recently in my adult life that not everyone loves Halloween. I know. This came as a shock to me too. Like oh really, you don't like magic and chili and laughter and candy? Do you hate Santa, puppies and babies too?

I've decided to take a proactive approach and convert all of you HHs (Halloween Haters) into lovers.  
Love >> Hate
I'm a nerd.


Reasons why Halloween deserves your love

1) Food. Food is pretty much all I can think about these days, so no wonder it's first. While I grew up eating pizza on Halloween, I have since adopted the Chili tradition. I support both, although this year my chili will probably have to be preceded by an entire bottle of extra stength tums. Don't you dare tell me to skip it. Seriously though, who says no to Chili? Same person who hates Santa right? It's especially irresistable when paired with some fresh cornbread.
2) It's magical. As a kid I never thought of Halloween as gory and evil, it was magic. Dressing up and getting paid (in candy) to do so=MAGIC. You can be anything you want. Actually, that's a whole other point.
3) AWESOME costumes. Clever costumes are my favorite kind. Would you like to see my costumes from the last 3 years?
Goose and Maverick with muh homegirl Brittany

nerds wit muh BFF Brittany
[will I EVER be that skinny again?!]

DR. PEPPER!!!!!!! Still patting myself on the back about this one
This years has fair competition though. Sometimes I run into someone who thinks it's weird I still get so excited to get dressed up. To them I say, go back to spending your time hating babies. I plan on always dressing up.

4) Caramel Apples. This deserves it's own point. Have you ever met someone who was like "oh, I don't like carmel apples and I hate puppies also." Me either. Everyone loves them. Did you know they're flippin delicious with M&Ms on them? GO MAKE SOME.
5) The weather. I live in Arizona. I grew up in Tucson. The weather is perfect! We never had to cover up our costumes with coats! The weather was just right for running up and down the neighborhood. It was the welcoming of Fall.
6) Hocus Pocus. I would say Halloween movies in general, but really what I would mean is Hocus Pocus. I just ordered it. $6.99 with free shipping from Amazon. Half of my friends think I'm a nerd, half think I'm awesome. I can live with that ratio. I already have plans to watch it twice. I don't like scary movies, which means kid halloween movies are perfect for me. They're...wait for it.....magical.

7) It's the start of the holiday season which really, just adds further to the magic.
8) Decorations. Go ahead and try to tell me something that could be cuter than my witch.

(by the time I'm old, I plan to have collected a plethora of Halloween decorations. No take-backs on wives, Clint!)
I love the decor. Also, that you can make awesome decor by gutting a gourd.
Mine and Clint's first date :) [Thank heavens he married into a family with a talented hair stylist. Hair is meant to be cut]

9) It could by my nieces favorite holiday. She loves pumpkins and skeletons and the "spooky tree" decoration they have in their house. Really, can you argue with that face?

10) CANDY. Whenever I cross paths with a bag of candy, I have to smell it. It's nostalgic. Brings me right back to Halloween of '96 (I don't actually remember the year) dressed up in my Cinderella costume my mom hand-made while my brothers and I traded candy. I don't really ever eat candy the rest of the year, but there's something magical about it during Halloween time. It tastes better too.

It worked didn't it? You all love Halloween now.

[p.s. THANK YOU for the support from my last post. I really wish I could reply to all of you! I want to eventually :)]


Annie said...

carmel apple making date soon please?
oh and yes I did just ask you on a date, but if you think the boys will be jealous I guess we can invite them too.

Annie said...

Also, funny to think I saw this picture (of you guys as goose and Mav) and didn't know who you were and now our worlds have collided! :)
So glad they did!

Ashley said...

Dr. Pepper!!!! That is so great.

Also, Hocus Pocus. Anything with SJP in it I love!

Katie said...

I am still jealous of that Dr. Pepper costume :) And I had no idea chili was a Halloween food! My ward is having a Halloween party with chili and cornbread on Saturday but I had no idea it was a tradition kinda thing!

And yes, CANDY. That's all I have to say about that.

Allie McHardy said...

Your Dr. pepper costume is FAMOUS! my whole family knows about it, and it's by far alex's favorite play-on-words-costume EVER. Haha.

I adore halloween as well, and im so glad that there is someone else out there as crazy about it as i am :)

also, Hocus Pocus=best halloween movie of all time. good on ya.


Elise Frederickson said...

I agree completely completely completely. I love Halloween so much. It's so great for imagination and creativity. LOVE IT

karajean said...

Ahhh I love EVERYTHING about this post. Seriously everything. I just had a conversation the other day with 2 girls who kept talking about how boring and dumb Halloween is and I was all "um, my entire porch is covered in spider webs, so..." Anyway, now that you are a little free-er we should hang out.

P.S. Blogs without pictures are the best.

Denise said...

Your Dr Pepper costume is genius! And whoever hates Halloween is officially hated by me! Just kidding, kind of.

Christina Marie said...

still havent carved pumpkins this year, yours looks great!

ps, hope you stop by to enter my linky party with your "most viewed blog post"


see you there!

Brittany Lew Whoo said...

HA! oh my gosh i love this. i'm also appalled at the way halloween is treated in the adult years. we could start a revolution.

karajean said...

Oh, and I forgot to tell you that you WILL be that skinny again! Ha!

Kylie said...

I admit, I tend to be a "hata" now and again. But in my defense, Halloween can be pretty disgusting,and it doesn't help that my Halloween-loving husband loves the zombies and slashers aspect of it all. No thanks. The cute, magic part? You almost have me convinced :) I'm just excited to play dress-up with my boy.

Megan said...

why are you the coolest person ever?? seriously. you are the coolest!