Saturday, September 8, 2012

You kind of actually agree with me?

It's not really a secret that Clint and I don't share a lot of common interests.
I'd listen to classic oldies or 90s music over just about anything where Clint prefers screamo music. Yes, my clean cut handsome husband prefers music that screams and bangs things together.
I love sports, especially if it's football, but I'm not even sure Clint could name another position besides quarterback. (props go to Clint for going to a Dbacks game with me last week!!!)
I like to dance to the music, Clint rather play the music.
I could list our differences for ages, and I know I've told you guys some of them before. Secret: I actually love that we're so different. Especially because we share the same values (working hard, education, eating good food, etc), the interests don't seem like a big deal. Our kids are so lucky. They can learn to play bass, dance like a champ, and appreciate all kinds of music. Count your blessings, Miss Ainsley.

Anyway. So last night after Clint and I got home from one of my friends' reception, we were sitting on the bed trying to decide what movie to go see tomorrow (which is today). I like girl movies. I don't like the overly cheesy ones like....say, Letters to Juliet (I mean no criticism if you like it!), but I'm a sucker for a good romantic comedy (License to Wed is one of my favorites, even though no one has ever heard of it). Clint is a good sport, but I know when we go to girl movies in the theater, he thinks it's a waste of time/money/sound systems/guy stuff. Last night we were trying to decide between The Words and Premium Rush. Girl movie, guy movie. Now we probably wouldn't be dying to see either of these in theaters, but I have a groupon for Studio Movie Grill (they feed you AND you watch a movie) that expires the 14th! It was only $5 for each movie ticket and it includes a free drink. HOLLA!
Clint told me I could pick this one. I said something like,
"I kind of actually agree with you. Premium Rush would be cooler to see in theaters and I can pick when we rent a movie."
Clint: Wait, you kind of actually agree with me?

And his face was somethin like:

And that, my friends, is when I ate my own words, knowing that I would never get to see a girl movie in theaters again!

So what do you guys think? Is seeing a girl movie in theaters a waste? Can only guy action movies properly utilize the big screen and surround sound? Questions of life...


lj said...

I think I am lucky, because my husband will see anything I want with me at the theater, but usually we want to see the same things (just saw Sleepwalk with Me the other night -- loved it).

And The Words isn't a girl movie! It's just not violent; actually, isn't there some violence? I've only seen the trailer once. Just try to convince your husband that movies you want to see are guy movies, and then you'll get to see whatever you want all the time!

Autumn said...

Devin and I don't have a lot in common either, but I imagine it will be fun when we have children and throw their interests into the mix.

I usually watch my cheesy chick flicks via netflix and he watches sports and action movies with his Dad.

Annie said...

just tell him it was a bad case of pregnancy brain! and it likely won't happen again. ;)

Katie said...

Hahaha I love that picture! I haven't seen a girly movie in the theatres for a long time but that doesn't mean I don't love it! I think they are just as enjoyable on the big screen.

Chelsea said...

James likes screamy music, too! It's always the ones who you least expect.

I haven't seen a girl movie in theaters since like, "The Lake House". Which I, personally, thought blew chunks.

Camille said...

I kind of agree with the action movie idea. Girly movies are great at home, when you can oh, make out in the middle or whatever. Action movies with sound and the big screen I think really make movies worth paying $ for!
I'm glad you do both though, that's great you compromise!

Nikki & Drew said...

yes and no. It does get the whole action up close and personal. but at the same time, those movies are SOOOO loud!!

isnt license to wed with mandy moore, jim halpert, and robin williams. (I dont know Jim's real name.)

Mary said...

I generally have always chosen more to see movies my husband will like, I know he will never enjoy a girl movie, but I often enjoy what he chooses. Well, we usually want to see the same 'guy movies'. But we also really never see movies in theaters (Partially because of a baby, partially because we bought a nice TV so decided to sacrifice not going to movies to make up for it). But in general, I like girl movies by myself, I can laugh or cry or whatever by myself and not feel embarrassed or awkward. =] Guy movies are better in groups and good technology.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Oh my gosh me and my husband are the same exact way... opposites attract for sure! haha

LaynahRose said...

Are you kidding? Um, no. It isnt a waste to see girl movies in the theater...and License to Wed is SO GOOD. Haha love that one :)

I think it's awesome you guys are so different and you guys should just alternate who gets to pick and both of you will be nice and well rounded, as will the kiddos :)

karajean said...

My parents have the same discussion every time they see a movie! While I love to see girly movies in the theater, I also KIND OF agree with Clint (and my dad). I can see where they are coming from, anyway.