Thursday, August 16, 2012


I am a huge advocate of marriage. I love marriage and I love being married. Being a wife is probably my favorite "hobby." I love my husband with my whole life. I love all that marriage stands for. Right now I wish there was a stronger word than love.

In the last 6 months or so we've had some difficult things hit. No marriage, and no life, is immuned to trials. I find it awesome/interesting/funny/incredible how those hard moments that make me want to kick Clint in the knee caps, are also the moments that teach us what marriage is all about and how wonderful it is.

In high school, I had a really unhealthy relationships with this guy who I thought I loved. Typical ABC Family afternoon drama stuff. Every time he made me mad, I broke up with him. He'd have to make it up to me, then we'd get back together and be happy together for a few more months...or weeks. I'm kind of  a lot embarrassed I ever acted like this, but I'm happy to say it is most definitely a thing of the past.

 I've matured a lot since then. I've learned what's important. I feel like there are vital ingredients in a marriage. (1) to be completely 158% devoted, (2) to always look for the good, (3) be quick to forgive, (4) always show love and kindness, (5) put the other person above yourself.

I believe in love (just listen to the rythm of the heart!).
I believe in marriage. 
I believe in loving someone more than yourself. 
I believe in sticking with my husband no matter what.
I believe in looking for the good and not relishing in the bad.
I believe in late night pillow talk. 
I believe in allowing someone to get to know you better than anyone else.
I believe in being married to your best friend. 
I believe in watching movies I don't like (sacrifices friends!).
I believe in lots and lots and lots, and then some more, anniversaries.
I believe marriage has a purpose and is designed by God.
I believe marriage is a 3-way relationship between spouses and Heavenly Father (God).
I believe in constant compliments, hugs, kisses, and other gestures of love.
I believe that marriage lasts forever, even after death.
I believe that Clint is my puzzle piece. My perfect partner [in crime].
I believe in waking up and going to bed the happiest because of who you're laying next to. 
I believe in laughing so hard the neighbors tell you to quiet down.
I believe in stolen kisses and tushy squeezes.
I believe in having lots of babies with this special person.
I believe in the billion more reasons why marriage is so great!

Marriage is amazing. It's a one-of-a-kind relationship. I can honestly say that I love Clint more than my own life, and I love life an awful lot. If someone came up to us and told us that ONE of us had to die, I would gladly volunteer. It's not even a hard choice to make. I feel so blessed to be married. I feel even more blessed to be married to such an exceptional, handsome, incredible boy who makes me happier than I could have even imagined! Seriously, what's so great about fairy tales? They've got nothin on our duo.


Maggie B. said...

What a great post! I believe in all of those things too. Sometimes I have to believe in them privately because Michael isn't always in the same place as I am. But I trust that God knows what He's doing with the two of us. Amen! =)

Annie said...

this is perfection. i love it. so happy you have found what you deserve!

Britney Jean said...

This post is absolutely perfect and I agree 158% :)

Elisabeth @ Imma Walking Fashion Crime said...

I totally have marriageitis now. This is too cute. :)

Clint said...

Holy cow you are the best! I believe in YOU! You are my hero! This girl rocks for anyone that cant see that! Love you babe and thanks for saying all those nice things about me. And I believe in watching movies I dont like too :)

Chris said...

This was such a sweet post and something I needed to read. I believe marriage is always a work in progress. You have to do the work to make progress. I also believe that you choose your love and you love your choice. Marriage isn't easy... to me it's one of the hardest relationships to maintain... BUT it's definitely the most rewarding!