Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Before Baby

Everyone says having a baby changes EVERYTHING. Even though there's a side of me who hates to get told over and over that I have NO idea what I'm in for, I know they're mostly right. But then again, people told me how hard the first year of marriage is and that was like a piece of delicious cheesecake with extra raspberry sauce and extra whipped cream-delicious!

Basically, I know whether or not I anticipate all the changes, there are a lot of changes coming.

So, I've masterfully come up with a list of a few things I'd like to check off before our sweet baby joins us and changes our lives forever!

(1) Babymoon- I'm a huge believer in investing in relationships. Relationships take time, and not just time together paying the bills or grocery shopping. Time together doing silly, carefree things like walking through a hippie shop in Sedona or taking the jeep out in the roads of Utah at 11 at night! I know it'd be one of the last times the husband and I can just pick up and go have an adventure without having to make arrangements for our little ankle biters. I wouldn't even mind a virtually free camping trip or even just an entire worry free day that we get to spend together in town doing whatever we gosh darn feel like.

(2) Graduate. This is a HUGE deal to me. It's been one of my life long dreams and I'm so close! I graduate about 2.5 weeks before my due date. I'm coaching the baby now on waiting until at least then, and not being too hard on me my last trimester. I'm hoping he/she getting all its pregnancy trouble making out of the system before school starts ;)

(3) Go on dates together as much as possible! I fully plan on dating the crap out my husband post baby as well, but again, there's lots more planning that is involved. We can't just lay the baby down and catch up with some friends or go on a hike. I LOVE dating my husband. I'm going to miss the freedom of it a little (not that I would change a thing!!) but that just means I have to enjoy it even more now!

(4) Enjoy our last Christmas of spending only on each other! I know babies don't need much, and I am NOT a believer in spending lots of money on toys for the little ones who are most interested in playing with wrapping paper, but I know next year it will still be divided to some degree. It's fun to enjoy the last of our times just the two of us.

(5) I really want to do a deep declutter/cleaning of our duplex. It's teeny tiny for a family of three so I want as much out as possible. I know babies tend to bring a lot of stuff with them :)

(6) Eat as much (or more) than I feel like on Thanksgiving.
 Being pregnant + Thanksgiving= DOUBLE excuse to be a pig.
I'm thoroughly looking forward to sporting my bump that day.

(7) Have a sleepover (or 5) with my sister who lives in California. She's the coolest. And my best (nonhusband) friend. It's real convenient that she also happens to be a family member.

(8) Make something cool to decorate the baby's room. A banner, painting, something. Baby has to share with the office/study room so there's minimal decorating we can do (or can afford to do!) but I want to do our best with what we have.

(9) Finish this list: http://alexislaughs.blogspot.com/2012/03/resoluting-part-dos.html. Although a lot of the things I've done and haven't updated, and some of them I don't want to do any more, like lose weight for example, although I guess I technically have.

(10) Enjoy outings with friends and seize all opportunities! I know, babies are portable. They can go with you to Target or out to lunch, but I'm sure every mom agrees it's nice to sometimes not have to worry about correlating with nap time or a two year old begging with his whole life for a bag of skittles. And I know once this baby comes, "me time" will be even more limited!

So I was planning on this being a super cool list, and it turned out to be kind of boring. I guess the first 3 are the main reason I wanted to write it.

Mostly, I just really want to enjoy every stage of life I'm in without wishing it away so soon. I think that's an important key to happiness.

Also, I'm still super happy I get to share whatever comes with this hunk. He'll always be my #1!

Hey Jenna, do you EVER remember Max being so little?!

p.s. scroll down to the previous post for a baby update and to leave your guess on the gender!


Megan said...

We are totally planning to do a babymoon, too! So important to nourish the relationship that made the baby, even after the baby takes full focus!

Ali Mills said...

I totally agree with going on a babymoon! We weren't able to and we both wish we had. And the deep de-clutter....oh MAN I wish I had done that before she came! I'm dying looking at our crowded apartment and they come with a TON of stuff but a lot of it is just fun ;)

Britney Jean said...

This is a great list :) I will say good luck with #6. You might be far enough away from your due date...but once you get close to the end, you don't want to stuff yourself. Trust me. You feel like you can't fit anything in you. And if you do, you can't walk. Haha.

Brittany Lew Whoo said...

"babymoon!" so cute, and definitely necessary! as exciting as having a baby will be, enjoying just being married is so important before your baby comes!

lj said...

I can't imagine going to school and being pregnant -- I hope everything goes well! Professors are usually pretty understanding for prego ladies and their husbands I think.

Ariana Nelson said...

Yeah, I think you're brave for continuing school during pregnancy. I can barely get through 2 days of work a week...

And yes! A babymoon is a MUST! I was 30 weeks on our 1-year anniversary, so we did a combo trip :) It was SO fun!

Can't wait to find out the gender! :)

Kari said...

If I had a dollar for every time someone asks us when we're having babies and then follows it up with "You have no idea how much your life is going to change." I could quit my job TO-DAY. There's a small part of me that wants to say,"You mean...I can't just put the baby in the crate like my dog? Well crap..." ;)