Saturday, June 2, 2012

Well Hello!

After school got out I kept telling myself I would blog more. I mean, I've also been insanely busy with things like moving, being sick, summer school and now being in the relief society presidency! But once I got a little bit more time on my plate I didn't want to jump back into blogging as much as I thought I would. I LOVE blogging and I LOVE all my friends I've made. BUT, lately it hasn't been as exciting to me. Does anyone else feel like some blogs (definitely not all!) sound like the same person wrote them? I'm not a huge fan of "blogger talk", unless that's how you really talk in real life. It seems like everyone uses words like whatevs, adorbs, etc and have such a similar sense of humor. I try to be totally genuine, but part of me wonders if sometimes others put me in that category. I don't like when a word only I use starts ending up on other blogs either. I don't want to sound like everyone else. Does that make sense? I almost feel like by being ME I am copying everyone and their dog and their mom and their brother's cousin's. Okay, this sounds dumb. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I hope I don't sound dramatic... I guess I'm just thinking "out loud" about why I haven't been around much. That being said there are TONS of blogs with real people who are inspiring, funny, comforting, entertaining, AWESOME, sweet, etc. and I love reading them and learning :)


Want to know what I've been up to?

First let's check out this picture of my nephew. He has been making this crazy face and he thinks he's hilarious for it.
He also makes a weird snorty sound when he does it. Trust me. It IS hilarious. He also was eating some crackers that I just now noticed...haha!

The babies making houses out of my empty boxes. I watched them the other day while my sister did my mom's hair.

And can you see that mess in the background? Yeah we still have a LONG ways to go on the unpackin' wagon! (Max cooperates better for pictures. That's why there's more of him and less than her. I don't pick favorites, haha)

After my mom's hair was did we met up with my Uncle (my 6!) and his wife Lise at Sweet Tomatoes.
Oops, I wasn't looking! Also, I still haven't unpacked my hair stuff. That's why it looks like a hot mess. However I did find my bra and a towel to dry off with after a shower (the other day I used a single hand towel!). Baby steps.

At the restaurant Max was dying for his own icecream! He was in heaven when we gave in!

But then when we gave it to him he was more interested in playing in it than eating it. :) I just love how kids are like that. Everything is so new. Also, there's that face again :)

After that we FINALLY finshed cleaning out our old apartment! We're ready to turn in the keys! We are so ready to peace out of that crap shack. What what!!

Then we went over to my unbiological family! One of my BEST friends' little brothers, Alec, was opening his mission call! He's been called to Anahiem California! I'm so excited for him. He's going to be amazing at it!

I also got me some baby time which is always a plus :)

Then we went out to eat at Pei Wei and ended up running into some of our friends! Perfect end to the night.

I still have a literal billion other things to write about. Like our anniversary, our trip to Kentucky, our family vacation in April to california, what I think about Kalon on the bachelorette (please son!)....that's only 5 of the billion. Obviously it would take forever to list all of that. ;)

I'm so looking forward to this Summer and all the adventures I'm going to have with that amazing husband of mine. It's hard to believe it's our last summer. I graduate in December and Clint graduates in May. Meaning hopefully by next summer we'll have real big kid jobs! Hopefully that also means we'll have big kid paychecks too. Ka-ching!

Since I feel like this has been an ultra boring post, let's talk for a second about what's funny on Pinterest today.

 Amen sister.
 That last picture actually IS me without make up. Consider yourself lucky.
 HAHAHAHHA I'm still laughing about this one! Isn't it so true about some things in marriage?! My thing is loud chewing! UGH I hate it!
 STILL laughing at this one too!!! Haha, I remember those days...
The dino is smarter than he looks, eh?

Hope you guys have a kick bum weekend!


Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

Yay for moving! It feels so nice once you hand over the keys! and hey congrats on being close to graduating, it is amazing to finish around the same time! Matt finished in May and I finish in about 2 months... it's going to be so nice to be DONE! Nice work, you two!

Ali said...

Hahahaha you're hilarious! I love the Pinterest stuff ;) And yay for the new place!! So happy for you guys!!

Katie said...

I really like that last one haha! It took me a second, because I read it as that that many couples got married last year...yeah, anyway...I get it now. Ha!

Annie said...

I totally agree! Not that I have any sort of impressive blog following (probably has something to do with the fact that I don't post regularly, haha) but it makes me feel like people won't like my blog or I won't ever have a lot of readers if I don't "talk" like that on my blog. But the important thing to remember is the blog is for me and not for other people! It's just to keep family and friends updated and to keep a record of our life.
And however I write it is fine.

katilda said...

I stared at that last post about marriage for awhile, trying to figure out how an odd number of people could be married. I decided at least one of those people had to have gotten married, divorced/annulled, and then married again. Ta-da! World problems all solved.

katilda said...

....though if someone is going around marrying and unmarrying like that, then i guess that's a world problem of its own...

LaynahRose said...

Lol that dinosaur! Hahaha dying. Oh and that little boys face, my word :) so cute

Megan said...

Ahhhh, hahahaha! That one about the makeup made me bust out laughing! Seriously, that IS how I look without makeup!!