Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My husband is the bomb diggity.

Did you see the sweet post my husband did for me a few days ago? (pst just scroll down if you missed it) Isn't he such a sweetheart? I love that boy so much. I was in bed sick. Clint came in to lay by me. I asked him what he had been up to and he wouldn't tell me. I knew immediately he had finally written my love note! I was so excited!!! I had been asking for one since Valentine's. Then I told him that's what I wanted for my birthday. Then for Mother's day. Then for any other occasion I could think of. Finally the day came!!! I was still in bed when he pulled up my blog on his computer and turned it towards me. I was confused. At first I thought maybe he wanted me to read one of my old posts or something. But then I figured it out! Clint had used my computer to log onto blogger while I was resting! Smart boy. The computer automaticaly logs in so he didn't have that obstacle. Isn't that a sweet idea? I got pretty teary while I was reading.

"I LOVE YOU!!!!!"

I am so lucky to have him. Can you believe we've been married for over a year? Honestly the best year ever. Clint and I are so different. Neither of us are perfect. Marriage is hard. Harder than being single, in my opinion. BUT, it is SOOO worth it! Life is so much more fulfilling when you can share it with someone who really gets you. We have our fair share of disagreements *cough fights cough*, but it never ever changes how much I love him.

I know this sounds super cheesy, but deal with it. I feel like Clint and I were prepared our whole lives for each other. We have gone through some similar things which helps us relate. We are EXACTLY what the other needs. I feel like Clint was my light at the end of the tunnel for some of the trials of life I've had. And now knowing how great he is, I'd go through anything for him.
Clint is going to make such an amazing dad. I love that I can be sure of that. He's so gentle and kind. I love that he'll watch girl movies with me, even just occasionally ;) ! He is INCREDIBLY smart. I love that he still opens my door almost EVERY time. He works so hard and very rarely ever complains. I love that I still catch him checking me out. He puts up with me through moments where I act like a brat. I love how his eyes tear up when he's about to say something really sweet. He has an amazing ability to calm all my nerves and stresses and put me back on the ground. I love that he takes such good care of I'm the greatest thing he has. He's so supportive of my goals and just me as a person. I love that I know he loves the Lord and is doing his best. He's so easy going and up for almost any idea I throw at him (except for the time he vetoed my idea of wanting to color my white dog's hair an outrageous color). He makes me better. I love that we laugh together daily. I am so grateful for him. I LOVE that I get to spend forever with such a special boy!!!


Jen said...

I LOVE THIS!!! This is what I need to look for in my next boyfriend. He sounds so good to you and I know you are good to him. I love what you said about how you two were prepared your whole lives for each other.. so true! xoxo

Brigitte said...

I love your blog, it's the cutest!
I'm going to agree with Jen, I really like the part about how you were prepared for each other ;) I love it!

Purposely at Home said...

Awww! How sweet! The movie was fabulous... I hope y'all are having an awesomesauce day. ;)


Nikki & Drew said...

man, I wish drew was more like clint ;)

I loved watching you guys when you were here. You guys were so cute and flirty and gigglely together.

it makes me smiles.

Annie said...

you guys are so adorable this almost made me cry!
then again, you know that is pretty easy to do haha!

ms.composure said...

aw def super sweet!that was def nice of him to do this for you!!

megan danielle said...

oh i love this...and dont feel cheesy cause i know exactly how you feel. like you grew up the way you did just to be with that person.