Saturday, May 26, 2012

your love note

Hey friends! This is Alexis' husband Clint and I'm a self-invited guest blogger today!  If you have spent even the slightest amount of time reading her blog, you probably think I'm like a superhero or something special with the way she talks about me. Ha! Well, I'm here to set the record straight.  I am far from perfect and have a long way to go before I reach superhero status.  One thing I will freely admit is how dang lucky I am!  I haven't really won any sweepstakes, or gotten anything other than a free small shake from the McDonalds Monopoly game (I always tried soooo hard!!), but I feel like I am the luckiest guy in the world to be married to that sweet girl!  She makes everyday better and makes me better everyday!(say that 5x fast!)  Its been over a year now that I have been blessed with her companionship and it just keeps getting better.  May 21st marked our first anniversary and I can't wait to spend the next googolplex years (it really is a number, google it!)

As with anyone, Alexis has had some challenging experiences. I know she's posted a few times when she's had a rough time but its a small fraction of what she really has to deal with.  I have never seen someone suffer with so much and handle it so well.  Somehow, she manages to carry her heavy load and hardly makes a peep.  She turns her problems over to the Lord and He makes life possible.  She is a wonderful example of strength, faith, and hope to me especially.

This girl is a go getter. Take, for example, her goal of doing Pat's Run. Why? Definitely not because she likes running or needed a new hobby or that she enjoys the feeling of running with shin splints.  It was because she saw it as a challenge and a way to better herself.  It took me until after she had crossed the finish line to understand this.  She understands the truth that the best things in life don't come without a fight.  Thats something she taught me when we started dating because believe me, it was a fight to get on her schedule! She had so many dates lined up that I had to ask her over a week in advance if I wanted a chance at spending time with her!  This shouldn't have been a shock to me.  She was (and very much still is) the total package and lots of guys saw that.  She's beautiful, funny, smart(believe me, she blows me away when she starts talking nutrition and biology jargon),  driven, caring, faithful, strong, etc.  What guy wouldn't want her??  Somehow I got lucky!

She's been asking since her birthday (March 28th or maybe even since Valentines Day...) for a love note.  I know, I'm a terrible husband! But hopefully this will make up for it.  I love her and always will. I'm grateful for the time, dedication,  joy, example, etc. that she gives me along with the many sacrifices she has makes on my behalf.  I hope to eventually repay her.  I have no doubt that when the time comes, she will be an incredible mother and example to our children.  She is my best friend and she makes me laugh.  I am the luckiest guy because of her.

Thanks for letting me set things straight.


Ali said...

Oh gosh how cute is he!? You guys are lucky to have each other!! ;)

Jordan Jaked said...

This. was. precious.

Your marriage is the perfect example of what a marriage SHOULD be.

Beautiful, beautiful pair.

Hannah Mitchell said...

Aww! That was pretty much perfect.

amy said...

This is absolutely adorable and you two are so wonderful for each other. :)

Emma Frances said...

This is so sweet! :) And even though it's a bit late I think it does make up for not writing a love note for your birthday! Haha. You two are the cutest!

Elise Frederickson said...

Cuuuuuute. Clint is a rockstar.

Also, Alexis is a rockstar.

Look at you two and your cute rockstar lovey dovey ness.

megan danielle said...

i love this so much.

Annie said...

If I didn't know better I would have thought Alexis wrote this. ;)