Saturday, February 4, 2012

School Stinks.

The musician obviously got these lyrics wrong.

Anyway. It's (another) night in studying in the Solomon household. I have three colligate examinations on Monday! Scary, eh? Biochem (uh, they never told me that class was for geniuses! I obviously don't belong!), Food Service Management (I know what you're thinking. The class is harder than I thought it would be too. Especially when you only have one lecture on it and the teacher makes you study the other 13 chapters on your own), and statistics (I'm just gonna put it simply and say that taking it online was a bad idea.)

So far I've spent 3 minutes writing this blog post. I already feel guilty that that's time I could have been memorizing...stuff. My brain is dead. So that leaves me about 2 minutes left of my break before it's back to work. How about I come up with some things I rather do instead of study/take these tests. Oh, don't worry. They absolutely won't be dramatic. at all. smile.

1) Scrub the baseboards, toilet, and oven in our apartment. I am not even joking when I say this sounds like kicks and giggles comparing to summation equations and whatnot.

2) Smell eggs. Okay. I'm trying to decide if I really mean this one. I cannot stand the smell of eggs. Even the faint scent makes me gag. And that's the drama free truth.

3) Eat an Industrial sized can of tomato paste.

4) pick those bugs off the hair of a monkey.

5) change a tribe stinky diapers.

6) Touch a snake. Also, a very big deal for me.

7) Watch a 15 hour documentary on how grass grows

8) Spend 9 hours in labor.

9) Run until I puke. And then run some more. Then puke some more. Then run some more.

10) write the greek alphabet a thousand times backwards until my hand is bruised and could very possibly fall off.

And that is all. Actually, there's still a bajillion other things I rather do but time is out.

Help a sista out and maybe cross those fingers for me? I want to drop out of school. I should, huh?


DJ Wilson said...

Wow, that's some intense studying. I hope you get through it quickly! Don't you love homework that just seems to fly by? Yeah, I hope it's that way for you.

15 hours? That must be some pretty interesting grass.

ewww, I hated taking Greek. I'd rather retake my Hebrew classes

Annie said...

It's SO TOUGH. I hate those days when you are just done, spent, & gone. You've checked out. Game over. Blue screened.
and I know I don't need to tell you that, YOU CAN DO IT!!! but I just did anyway, cause I know you can. And we both also know that in the end it will be totally worth it.
And also, I totally just had an idea. but I'm not telling you what it is. Cause I'm adding it to that surprise list. er, list of surprises.
anyway, It'll be worth it. promise ;)

Nikskie said...

oh, don't give up! i know you can do it. and after this phase pass you through, you'll look at these school-stinks days with laugh and proud because you get it down! you go alexis!

karajean said...

Good luck tomorrow. Take a deep breath, say a prayer, everything will be fine.

And of course you won't drop out of school-- silly. You've worked too hard already!

Ann. said...

keep positive and just think , your almost there :) good luck on all your exams!

LaynahRose said...

You are not helping me dread tomorow (first day of spring semester) any less. Ugh, kill me now.

Elise Frederickson said...

hmmm 15 hour documentary on how grass grows... sounds fascinating ;) Maybe you could watch that while being in Labor for 9 hours? Of course, then you'd have the other 6 hours for while you're up in the wee hours of the morning with the baby you just labored.

On a serious note: good luck. You'll make it. :)

Chelsea said...

I know what you mean. Senioritis is the freaking pits. You are obviously a smart little thing, though. You can do this. You will do great, girl!

And. That has to be one of the foulest combination of items ever put together in list form.

Shalyn said... definitely stinks. My husband had to take another biochem last semester for this program and I am sure his list would look similar! ha.Except for the childbirth...pretty sure everything we have read together on that subject makes him want to take 5 biochem classes instead! ha