Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Have you heard?

About the February Photo a day? It's my first time doing one of these kinds of things. As you're about to learn, I've been pretty lazy about it but it's been a lot of fun. Here are the prompts! 
Here's mine so far:

Left to right, top to bottom:
1: view sitting in the biochemistry halls waiting for my professor for office hours. yeah I'm a nerd and go in for help for office hours.
2: words. Biochem notes of course.
3: Hands: This is a fluke. I never have painted nails.
4: I dropped the ball on this one. This was taken late at night from a program I found at our apartment from a dance concert. She's a stranger. It counts.

Day 5: This was later in the day. But we were at church. Same thing. 
Day 6: This was dinner a totally different day. Day 6 was my crazy day on Monday (blogged about yesterday). Fish tacos. Still freakin delicious. Still countin it. 
Day 7: This picture was surprisingly hard to take
Day 8: My laziness prevails again. I decided I could just take a picture of the banana because it is yellow...the color of the sun. :) Again, countin it. 

Are you doing photo of the day? My username is alexisks on instagram if you wish to follow!

Peace and blessins my friends. Also, have you seen this commercial? It might have made me do the whole hand on your heart "awh" while simultaniously laughing. 

I think it's the cutest thing in the whole da gum world.
It helps that I have a soft place in my heart for adorable dogs and toe tappin tunes.

Also, look at the post below and tell me what you want to hear more of on this here blog! :)


Emma Frances said...

I'm a lazy bum and not doing the photo of the day challenge...maybe next month! Haha. I love following your photos on IG though!

JRuud said...

LOVE THESE!! I should do this challenge.

Bekah said...

I'm actually doing the Project 365 where you take a photo a day. Loving it so far!! Gives me an excuse to use my Nikon on a daily basis

Courtney B said...

I've been loving these on Facebook! I need an iPhone so I can join in on instagram!

Chelsea said...

I have never done one of these things. You make it look way fun, though! I like all yo pictures, gurl.

DJ Wilson said...

I think that was by far the best of the commercials for the Super Bowl.

Day 3 was actually a pretty neat photo I thought. Even if it was a fluke. :D

You could always be super random with your posts. Talk about anything and everything. :)

Danielle said...

How fun is this!! I may have to steal it. And that commercial keeps coming up on my hulu while I'm working out. Funny and oddly inspirational haha. Loving your blog... I'm your newest reader!

Shalyn said...

I would make it a whole 3 days on this challenge and then give up...but I am loving keeping up with yours:-) And yes, loved that commercial with the dog. So so funny!