Thursday, January 19, 2012

I can't believe

This little princess is going to be FOUR this weekend!
 It seems like just yesterday I was going to visit her in the NICU. Or changing her tiny little diapers. Or rocking her to sleep. Or asking her what sound the lion makes. If I did that now she might just roll her eyes at me. I'm so proud to have such a beautiful, sweet, smart niece!
And who also shares my love for princess stuff!

And let's not forget her handsome counterpart!
 Can't believe he's almost 1!

The other day while I was babysitting Lilly she insisted I drew her a unicorn. After telling her about 17 times that I didn't know how, I gave it a shot.
I was so proud I hung it on my parents' fridge. True story. 


Chelsea said...

Hey. Can I have her? For keeps?

Also. That is a way good unicorn! Maybe you should change your blog theme to just art. That would be good.

Alyx said...

Haha, I was expecting a stick figure unicorn or something. This one is definitely fridge-worthy.

Annie said...

That unicorn is 10x better than anything I could have drawn, haha.

Purposely at Home said...

too cute! and GREAT unicorn. ;D i hope you are having a great thursday.


Jennifer said...

I'd totally hang that on my parents fridge too!

DawnieP said...

They are so cute!


Ashley Eliza said...

SO adorable. i just love her hair!


Megan said...

She is super precious! And seriously, that unicorn is pretty dang good!!

Kara said...

Oh my gosh, I love that red hair!

Shalyn said...

They are SO CUTE!

Erin said...

I am so impressed by that unicorn.

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

SO gorgeous! Their hair is amazing! I'm so jealous, LOL!

Hope you're having a great weekend!