Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Not like the card game. Like the picture sequences of adorable almost 4 year old nieces opening christmas presents.

Part One: Happy Feet

Part two: Grandparents present

I thought that second one was the sweetest. Immediatly after opening the gift she ran to my parents to hug them. She was so fun on Christmas. I kept telling Clint how excited I am to have our own little youngsters to see that sparkle in their eyes!


For good measure, check out my other niece and nephew. By the way, why isn't there one name for nieces and nephews? Siblings. parents. Why can't we have a gender neutral name for your siblings' children? The world just doesn't make sense some times.

Here's the handsome nephew:
 And the beautiful niece:
At just 4 weeks old isn't she absolutely gorgeous?!

Man, I just love being an aunt!

And you asked for more hair pictures. All I have is second day hair pictures from Christmas. If you've been around the block you know 2nd day hair is never as good as 1st day hair. Just work with me.
 I love my man! Christmas was always fun. But Christmas MARRIED...even better!! This was our first married Christmas and it was completely perfect. I love that I got to share such a special day with my most special person.
 My new boots! One of my favorite presents!!!
Opening my awesome purse from Clint. I'll post a picture of that later!

SO! What do you think? Can I do the short hair thingy? I've always thought that I look better with long hair. But you know...when your hairdresser AKA sister moves away you've got to hold yourself over for awhile.

Tell me about your Christmas! I'd love to hear about it.

p.s. I am linking with The Silver Lining to share my Year in Review. Check it out :) 


Ariana Nelson said...

Love the short hair! I think I definitely look better with long hair, too! But you pull it off great! :)

I like the boots you got, too :)

Erin said...

You look so cute! Those boots are darling!

Ashley said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Those boots are ao cute and your pics of your little ones expressions while opening presents is priceless.

Jamie said...

Looks like a perfect holiday!

Carlie said...

I like your short hair! And your neices and nephew are so cute!

Carlie said...

I like your short hair! And your neices and nephew are so cute!

Ali said...

Your hair is adorable! I could never really pull off the short look ;) And your boots are awesome! I always love watching kids open gifts on Christmas, I can't wait til mine are old enough to understand the magic ;)

Megan said...

Ahhh, I love your short hair! You look adorable!!!!!!! Those sequence pictures are too cute!

Cindy said...

Ahh what a blessed Christmas! So cute. :) and yesh, you totes rock the short hair. It looks good! Also I bet this year was awesome with the hubby. It just makes it more special. Have a happy new year, Alexis!

Oh and my Christmas went well too. :) Nothing big and no photos unfortunately! D: will have some for new year's lol

jennifer blair said...

Aw, your family is so sweet and cute! I love your short hair! You could totally pull of anything girl!

Laura Darling said...

Those pictures are priceless!

Kara said...

The second picture is definitely my favorite too. She is just too precious! And you can totally pull off the short hair. It looks amazing!

Annie said...

What an awesome Christmas you guys had! :)
My friends made up a word for nieces and nephews it's niblings! (like siblings but with an 'n' for Niece and Nephew. :)
and I just decided one of my new year's resolutions is to hang out with the Solomons!

Elise Frederickson said...

Dude. You rock the short hair.

Courtney B said...

Way cute boots! And YES! Your short hair is darling. You can totally pull it off!

Dawniepants said...

The short hair is lovely, it looks like you had a lovely lovely Christmas. Great pictures!


Dana Richards said...

First of all, you look SO much like your beautiful mother! I LOVE your shorter hair, and I got some boots just like that for Christmas! The best!