Thursday, December 1, 2011

But it's THANKSgivin

Do you know what movie that's from? Clint and I quoted that line probably a gazillion times on Thanksgiving.
In case you didn't get it already:
[by the way, one of the best movies I've seen in my life]

First things first. I just finished my research paper for advanced human nutrition. Holy freak, was it hard! After endless hours, blood, sweat, tears, and some screaming, I FINISHED IT! With 4 hours to spare. Boo-ya! It's pretty exciting. In case you were wondering, as a result of my extensive research, I have concluded that Selenium will reduce the risk of prostate cancer due to it's antioxidant properties [insert lots of medical jargon here]. Phew. That even bored myself. That sentence doesn't make sense. brayne ded.

Also, I keep mixing up letters on the keyboard. e and i. ixperiment. entravenously. And j and f. ferk.

Do you hear crickets too?


Clint and I had an AWESOME thanksgiving! It was our first married one! Holla!
We spent the morning with his family and the evening with mine!
Pure bliss!
I don't have many pictures, but here's what I have:

Me and Mr. Max. First, let's talk about how my hair turned red over night. Second, let's NOT talk about how him and his family are moving away very soon. I will start crying.
This is Lilly, Max's awesome big sister. Me and Lilly have been buds since the day she was born! She was playing with Sam's dog. Sorry the picture is blurry, but I just love her smile so much. Again, don't talk about how they're leaving me. I'm not a pretty crier.

My brand new niece Paige! She was only two days old here! Isn't she absolutely gorgeous! I love her so much and I can't wait to get to know her!

Apparently, we just take pictures of babies around here. I need a baby. Maybe a puppy would hold me over. Or even a garden. I need something.

And then of course, Black Friday Shopping!!
 Don't judge me. It was late.
After giving it some thought I've decided you can judge me. I'll never know/care.
pssst...aren't my husband's eyes gorgeous?!
Christmas came early for us!!!
And this [probably] officially concludes crappy pictures taken with a really crappy camera.
Helloooooo rebel!

So. How was your Thanksgiving. Also, if you're in school, can a get an a-flippin-men to Christmas break! Seriously. When is it coming?! It seems like it's taking too long, and fashionably late in this instance is just NOT cool. ya hur?!


Shalyn said...

In my experiece puppies are the best cure for baby fever;-) You will not regret having this time with your love! Love the pictures with the babies- you're all too cute!

Brittney said...

What a FUN Thanksgiving!!!!! :D

Emma Frances said...

Yay! We got a Rebel too! Merry Christmas to both of us! Haha. Also, we totally take pictures of babies all the time too! Your brand new niece is the cutest!

ashley.warner said...

i knew that it was the blindside when i read it in my news feed!

i was sayin that too all morning long (love me some Tim McGraw)

happy be-lated turkey day - you look like you should be a momma right this mo!

and happy about your new camera! eeeekkkkk!

Erin said...

Congrats on finishing the paper!! :) You and your husband are so cute!

Jen said...

Ok, those pictures of you with the babies are ADORABLE. And I need winter break, like, yesterday. I have 2 finals then break.. which is NOT long enough. I'm beyond exhausted.. i did something really stupid in public this morning. I need to leave work and just sleep through the weekend I think.
You're going to love the rebel- I love mine soooo much!
And I know a while back on my blog you said you'd like to have me on your blog to promote my cause at some point- that would be amazing! I'll have to send you an email soon!

Becca and Derek said...

Hang in there! I remember the college days.... in the real world you NEVER get a breaks- so enjoy it now! :)

Katie said...

So...we tried to go black friday shopping...and totally showed up at 11:30pm. Yeah it didn't work so well. Hahaha

Chelsea said...

Yay for cameras! And Yay for Thanksgiving! And Yay for babies! And even puppies! And for handsome husband eyes!

Oh. And Yay for almost being done with the semester.

Is this the most annoying comment you've ever gotten?

Anyway. You're probably about to get like, three more. I need to catch up on dis thang.

Kara said...

These babies are simply too cute! My sister and her husband have 3 puppies to cure their baby fever and it keeps them more than busy. Good luck if that becomes the case for yall!

Sara Shoemaker said...

oh my goodness you got a Rebel?? That was Our christmas present last year! Best present ever it totally changed blogging for me you won't forget it :) Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

The House of Shoes

katilda said...

that tiny baby is doing nothing useful for me and my single-girl hormones......WANT.