Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Loving, not changing.

this post was written on 11/26 and saved for a crazy busy day like today. It's the last full week of school, and holy monkies is it busy!!! I sent Clint a text earlier in the week to apologize in advance for my stress induce craziness that's sure to happen this week but also reminded him that it was too late and he already married me. I'm a charmer!

And here we go:

Yesterday I was Tie-red!
After a long day/night of black friday shopping, we babysat my sisters kids, and her in-laws kids. It was a little bit crazy, but I love those kids so much. I don't really mind :)

On the way home, my gas light went on. At about 11:30pm, we pulled into QT to fill up.

Again, I was running on a few short hours of sleep.

Since some punk kid at our apartment complex threw soda all over my car, I decided it was time to clean the windows. It was difficult to see out of them. While I filled the tank, I asked Clint to wipe the windows. 
I got back in the cars when I was done.
Clint was still cleaning.
At first, I got minorly irritated he was taking so long.
 Didn't he know how tired I was?

He cleaned them perfectly.
Used a paper towel to clean off the edges.
The lines were prefectly straight.
I almost asked him to hurry.
Then I paused.

He's doing it perfect because it's for me. He wants the best for me. He's taking the time to make this flawless because he loves me.

And then I started to tear up a bit because I'm a sap like that.
Then I got to thinking a few things.

First, how often do we misinterpret other's actions? Instead of thinking he was rude for taking so long and not being considerate that I was tired, I was able to recognize that he was showing his love for me.

Second, how much better are things when we take the people we love for who they are! Clint and I are so different but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Third, patience. Be patient. Try to look at the underlying truths. Appreciate the small ways people show they care. I think there is so much more good in people than we will ever get to see!

I'm so grateful for such a kind husband!!!

Now welcome to the many faces of Clint. First, please be easy on my photog skills! This was only the 2nd time ever I touched an slr camera. But really, you gotta appreciate all his faces. Flipping through them makes me laugh!

Is the last one the best or what?!
I love my husband :)

p.s. they were all taken in about 10 seconds.


Clint said...

thanks baby! not so much posting my ugly faces, but for the kind words! :)

Megan said...

Hahahaha, that last picture is priceless!! And seriously, this is so sweet!!

Hope said...

LAST FACE. Best thing ever. For realzies.

Nikskie said...

i learn about patience too these past few weeks.it's not easy tough.and you're lucky to have many faces of Clint in the midst of craziness,haha

Carlie said...

You two are so cute! And it is so true about remembering that our spouses want the best for us, and so we need to be patient. That was a cute little reminder story you told. Good luck in classes this week!

Katie said...

i always love your posts. and it only takes a few more seconds to prove our first reactions wrong, but sometimes we don't take the time. and i love the pictures of your husband. hilarious!

Emma Frances said...

This is wonderful! :] And these are things that I really need to work on. It's so easy to get frustrated and so hard to be patient. I can do it though!! Haha.

Elisabeth said...

love this post - its so true, often we find ourselves caught up in our way of thinking without realizing what the true motives of others are! thanks for sharing this :)
your newest follower,

Chelsea said...

You guys are so freaking cute. And I love your husband's comment at the top. I love your love. It seriously warms my heart.

I am so bad at being patient sometimes. This post is a good reminder!