Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Alright friends! While I am away studying and pulling my hair out over finals (they ruin lives, don't they?), I asked for some volunteers to guest post. This first one is FABULOUS. It's from Elisabeth at Imma walking fashion crime. Her post made me laugh. Spooning? You'll know what I mean :) Enjoy!

COLLEGE!!! Heavenly word, ain't it? At high school it was
heavenly. College meant freedom. Freedom from parents, siblings, and
annoying peers who "thought" they knew exactly who you were. College was
heavenly. :)

Now that I'm in's not so heavenly anymore. ;) It's more like
I-think-I-might-just-have-a-spaz-attack-this-is-so-so-so-so-hard. Period.
Exclamation point!

Nevertheless, college has been a fabulous experience. So, I've decided to
make a list about the things I wish I knew in high school about college
because well...I'm always willing to help a girl out. ;)

~I wish I knew spooning was a verb. 

~I wish I knew how much freedom I DON'T have. :) 

~College is FUN!! I knew it was going to be fun, but not THIS much fun.

~Boys don't get any smarter. People always tell you how much more mature
boys are in college. No. They're not. :)

~Living with someone is A LOT different than being friends
with someone.

~Older girls rock. Hang out with them as much as possible. :) They know
the ropes.

~Cleaning is a lot harder when you don't have your mom around to tell you
to do it.

~Getting along with roommates is a lot harder then I expected it to be.

~Age is relative.

~Your reputation is basically shot because nobody knows you. You can
either let it hinder you or you can become the person you've always wanted
to be.

~Always remember your self-worth. Nobody can take that away from you
unless you let them.

~Don't take more than 13 credits your freshman year. You'll know why when
you decide to take 18. :)

~You don't have to know EXACTLY what you're going into the moment
you get into college. Chill out. Have fun. Explore. :)

~I wish I'd gotten my parents to get a Netflix account.

~College is HARD, but oh so worth it.

I feel like I need to create a song or something that kind of sums
this all up, but I'll spare you; it will be chicken covered in lame-sauce.
So...I guess to sum it all up, college really has been heavenly.
Thanks so much Elisabeth (leave her some love!)!
 p.s. you still have time to swap buttons with me for the month of December! :) grab mine and let me know you did and I'll grab yours!
Peace and Blessins


Emma Frances said...

Such wonderful advice! I especially agree with the "your reputations is basically shot..." one. You really can become whoever you want to be in college! :]

megan danielle said...

oh hey! i got your button on my blog right here:

and you can get one of mine here:

thanks so much!! i LOVE your blog!!!

Shalyn said...

HA- spooning. That is too funny! My favorite is the one about boys not getting more mature!

elise @ elise's pieces said...

yeaaaaaah, Elisabeth! Seriously, way funny. I loved this post. And, you're brilliant. In one semester of college, you learned everything that took me 5.5 years to learn. Wooot.

Carlie said...

It really is so true! Living with friends is a lot different than being best friends. Nice list!

Morgan said...

SO true about netflix, except that I know if my parents had one I'd never get ANYTHING done. :)