Saturday, November 12, 2011


First I want to talk about how much I love this season.
Even as a kid I used to get giddy the first time of the season I could wear a sweater.
I lived in Tucson, so the cold wasn't miserable, it was just fun!
I loved Christmas movies, Christmas music, and probably most of all, Christmas decorations!
I remember just laying under the tree at night and staring at it!
[Did you do that too?]
I've loved everything.
Now I love this season even more. It was the season I really fell in love with my super hot husband.
Evidence is as follows.

I know right? Super hot.
I just love holidays so much.
That's the most under stated understatement that was ever stated.
[say that 5 times fast.]
I go crazy over holidays.
It would then be expected that I would be one of the first to put up my Christmas tree.
I did it yesterday.
AH! Just thinking about it makes me giddy. You have to listen to this song while you scroll through the photos.

When I saw this beautiful tree in the Michael's ads for only $20, I had to get it! It was 60% off AND pre-lit! It's only 4 feet tall but it's just perfect for our cozy little apartment. Sigh. I thought it was a pretty good alternative to the $240 6 foot tall one. Why are Christmas trees so expensive? Isn't that kind of contradictory to the whole Christmas Spirit bidness?
Oh well!  
 Instead of dropping a boatload of paper monies on ornaments, I decided to buy this spool of ribbon to church it up and buy ornaments when they're ultra cheap after Christmas. Good idea, no?

Doesn't look so small now, does it!?
Okay you're right. It still does.
Some other random Christmas cheer I've accumulated over the years.
The symbols of Christmas
Believe! Am I the only one that still really believes in Santa?
I'm really not kidding.
 Have you seen Elf? [Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?] I mean really, I am NOT gonna be part of the people responsible for the sled not being able to fly. That would just be rude.
Can I get an amen?

Have you put up your tree yet?

p.s. we had some friends over last night for pizza and games. We played gender gap. We got it for $1.50 at Good will! It's basically a really funny game that asks you questions about the opposite sex. Clint was so proud of me when I knew what ABS stood for, questions about tire pressure, and the BBall player who scored over 100 points in a game! happy dance!
Sidenote: when I was little my brothers had me memorize sports facts. At about age 3 I went around the house reciting the players of the Detroit Lions. Jerry Rice, anyone?


Gentri said...

haha! I don't have any brothers to make me memorize sports facts. :( Love your tree! It is perfect and $20 is totally doable! You could even make your own ornaments or buy some at the thrifts store!

Janna Renee said...

This is my favorite season as well! That is why my tv is constantly on Halmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas, while listening the the new Buble Christmas CD!

Jaraka Drew Hansen said...

I had yet to listen to Christmas music, but I played that song and now I'm all excited! Thanks for giving me some holiday cheer this morning.

Maybe I'll put up my (1.5 ft tall) Christmas tree today!

karajean said...

I would love to have my tree up right now, but I am a real tree kind of girl, which means we definitely have to wait a few more weeks. I did buy some cheap/adorable ornaments at Ross yesterday though. They have some pretty inexpensive decorations. I will definitely stock up after the holiday though!

elise said...

Yay Christmas and Yay falling in love with your super hot husband and Yay for your guys' first Christmas together. And Hooray for your beautiful Christmas tree (and especially the killer deal you got on it).
Oh, and Amen.

Brittney said...

LOVE Christmas!

ashley.warner said...

christmas already!??!!! love it! :)
you are darling - and i love that your hubby is wearing a saosin shirt :) they're a great band

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, I totally want to put my tree up now!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! You put me in the mood!! Love your touches. The ribbon looks awesome! We do that with one of our trees, too!!

Ashley said...

Oh wow this post makes me SO happy! I love the holidays more than anything... such a fabulous time of year :) Thanks for getting me in the Christmas spirit, girlfriend! You and your husband are too cute!

Carrie said...

this post made me super happy I refuse to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving but I am getting the itch lol

ya'll are a super cute couple

Katie said...

Ahh I need to find a Christmas tree for that price!!! That's great news. YAY CHRISTMAS!

Amanda said...

EEEE! I love Christmas time! :) This post made me so happy!!!

Shalyn said...

You two make the cutest couple, I love it! And your ps cracked me up- that game sounds like fun!

pre workout supplement said...

I love the pictures of you!I agree with Shalyn that you too is the cutest couple..

Sarah Morgan said...

I agree, the holiday season is the best!! I'm so excited to decorate for Christmas. I made sparkly snowflakes with my roommates the other day & I can't wait to display them!

Courtney B said...

I want your hair.

And seriously, I love how LITTLE you're wearing at the Mesa Temple during Christmas time. Seriously. We have to bundle it up like crazy to go out in the night to check out the pretty lights :)