Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's the thought that counts.

Background info coming. Before I get serious, I want to share the funny part. 
I had plans to make the perfect dinner tonight. I thawed the fish, got the veggies, and looked up recipes. It didn't happen. Clint told me that he appreciated me thinking of making him a special dinner and very seriously said:
I really think it's the thought that counts. 
after a pause I replied,
Yeah? Well, I've also been thinking about buying you an awesome car, and maybe a boat, and a trip back to Hawaii...
And of course we both start laughing because, let's face it, sometimes I'm funny.

Want some more funny? Watch this!

Down to the serious part. 
Today I had perfect plans to be the perfect wife/student/everything. 
I came home, wrote my to-do list, and got to work. 
I started with dishes. 
After loading and starting the dishwasher, I started hand washing our no dishwasher knives. 
I was scrubbing a serrated snife when my hand slipped. I looked down and my finger was immediately covered in blood. crap. I immediately grabbed [and by doing so ruined] the closest dish rag. I applied pressure for a few minutes until the bleeding stopped or at least tapered off. I bandaged it up and now it's all good, aside from the throbbing pain! Ouch. Anyway. Needless to say my plans for being perfect were tossed out the window pretty quick. Turns out it's pretty hard to do everything with your left hand...especially when you're right handed. 

Am I the only one who always gets big road blocks whenever I plan on being perfect? Maybe Heavenly Father is trying to tell me to be easier on myself. To have the courage to be imperfect. I think that takes courage. I've been trying a new thing lately. If you compare your worth to what other people think, you will most likely feel like a failure. There will always be someone other there that doesn't like you. If you compare your worth on what you think, if you're anything like me, again you will feel like you have failed. Lately, I've been trying to think of myself through God's eyes. At the end of the day I think, 
"How have I done today? Is Heavenly Father proud of me and where I am now? What does he think I'm worth? I make mistakes, but what's the big picture?"
I feel HE is really the only place we can turn for an un-skewed view of ourselves. 
What have I found? I'm not as bad as I make myself out to be. I think Heavenly Father is proud of my efforts. I think he'd be proud of yours too. 

p.s. I like to visit memory lane every now and then. 


Erin said...

I love this! :) What a great reminder! We need to keep from listening to the views the world has about us and remember that Christ loves us regardless, no matter what! :)

Nikskie said...

i wonder why sometimes i mess up things that i've planned to be perfect.and you adress it well to me,'to have the courage to be imperfect'.love this line

Seth + Carlie said...

I hope your hand feels better! And yes, I think that is good idea to look at yourself the way HF sees you, because he's not as hard on us as we are on ourselves. =)

Suze said...

Our harshest critics are ourselves. That's really hard. I am a recent convert to the church, and it is really difficult for me to cut myself any slack. I hold myself to a standard of crazy perfection, when really God is not doing that at all. I think he's proud of the small steps I'm making toward being more like him. I think he's proud of all of us.

Courtney B said...

I love your point of view on life and your trials. You truly are so positive! I look up to you SO much! I believe that we make mistakes, and have plans fall apart to be humbled. We need to realize that Heavenly Father plays into each and every move and decision we make. Sometimes it's easy to forget that, until everything comes tumbling down.

karajean said...

You have NO idea! It seems like the days I decide "I am going to do EVERYTHING right today" are always the days I am the worst. But maybe that's just because I fall short of very high expectations?

Whatever it is, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one :)

Gentri said...

This is beautiful. :) Thank you! Although, I'm really sorry about your finger... :/

P.S. OF COURSE you're on my BBFF's list! Duh! haha!

P.P.S. I never heard back- did you ever get your Alaska giveaway prize??

Becca and Derek said...

Very nice post. The video made me crack up! :)

Emma Frances said...

I have a fear of knives. Whenever I hold one I'm afraid I'm gonna drop it and stab my foot. It hasn't happened. It still scares me though. Also, I agree that it takes courage to be imperfect sometimes. You are brave!

Annie said...

I wish kind thoughts would turn into cash so you could do the thing you thought of. Man wouldn't that be nice?!
Oo! Ouch! One time I was trying to slice some chicken but it was all moist from being heated and slipped on the plate and I sliced my thumb instead! crossing my fingers that never happens again!