Thursday, October 27, 2011

I always think of this song when I hear that line.

So what have I been doing lately? Well, I would tell you that this week has been absolutely mad and I had three tests, a group project, a presentation, a boat load of other work, have been sick, had cramps that made me hate life, family in town, and my computer at work crashed twice this week. BUT, that would be boring. So imma go ahead and leave out those deets.

In current events...

 We doubled with one of Clint's good friends! They were buddies on their missions in Uruguary! We had SO much fun with them.

Her name is Alexis. My name is Alexis. Together, we are Alexii!

BTW, does anyone else look of Asian descent when they smile? Smiling and opening my eyes is mutually exclusive. Obviously.

ps. On accounta Clint doing laundry, this shirt is now yellow and pink, not white. Story to come :)

 We got sleeping bags! Extra long, FOR THE WIN! On the super cheap! Daily deals are the bomb.

We so excited!

 We planted FOOD! This here is cilantro. It was growing fabulously until the paper boy knocked it over.


But I got over it and re-planted it. We also have carrots, basil, and baby bell peppers! We're gonna be PARENTS! What made it even more interesting is that I played this song when we were planting. Okay, so maybe that was funnier when my anatomy teacher played that to begin the reproductive lecture. I'm not kidding.

Such a proud momma!

Now that you're up to date [not really] I can tell you how flippin excited I am for this weekend. We have an awesome costume planned. Sorry, can't tell. You'll have to guess.
Here's a clue:

Guess away friends!!

p.s. Anyone want a bomb recipe on healthy sloppy joes or sweet potatoe chili? Perhaps if you ask nicely I'll oblige :)


Gentri said...

hahahaha! You had me laughing a lot. :) Love this post so much! My guess iiiissss... a snow globe? That would be awesome! haha!

Suze said...

Hah- I have noooo idea what your costume could be... is that epsom salt? are you a foot bath? :)

Erin said...

Love Relient K! :) What a fun time!

LaynahRose said...

what a crazy beautiful life :)

too cool about all the food growing - congratulations on your little sprout!

Nikki & Drew said...

snow globe?!

Nikki & Drew said...

snow globe?!

Carlie said...

haha my husband did the same thing, and now our white and tan dish towels are pink and tan.

And please share the recipe for the sweet potatoe chili and sloppy joes =)

Pamela said...

Sorr you have had a rough week! Yall are too cute!!

katilda said...

salt.....rock salt...i think you're a deer lick. one of you is a deer, the other one is a deer lick. you're going to make a lot of people deliciously uncomfortable when you act that one out. (go get em!)

Annie said...

Can't wait to see what your costumes are! I know they will be awesome!!

Chelsea said...

My first guess on the costume was a drug dealer.

A snow globe sounds more G rated, though. I'll second that guess.

Also. I feel like I really need a sleeping bag right now. I've never craved one until today.

Darby Arby said...

you look so happy in all your pictures! Sounds like, albeit a crazy week, it was a good one! I'm so glad.

and don't worry, the teacher I TA for always dims the lights the first day of the reproduction lecture (for the overhead projector) and says "just setting the mood" it's a good time. :)

Live*Laugh*Love said...

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Race Ashby said...

Love this! :] And I love your shirt! It's sad that it's yellow and pink now though! I like it white. Haha. And I have no idea what your costume is but I love Gentri's idea. Haha. Hilarious! Also, I need to plant some stuff. Although it might be to cold up here now!

Shalyn said...

First off- LOVE Relient K. Amazing. You are so funny, and I am sad for you that your beautiful yellow and white shirt is now yellow and pink- it was sure cute.