Thursday, September 8, 2011

The terrible awful no good day.

That's a little bit dramatic. There were lots of good things. My eyes were still in their sockets when I woke up. My shoes still fit. There was just enough milk left to have a bowl of cereal. No one was life threatening on the lightrail.
Okay, you get it. There were some good things.

First things first.
Does the fact that I don't know what 3 of these symbols stand for mean that I do have a life? Let's hope.
 Now let's get to be bad. Heaven knows those are more entertaining.

Remember how I had my test today? Yup. I had a test on micro nutrient metabolism. So after I got sick to my stomach looking at pictures of patients in the burn unit [insert nastiness of huge wound of 98% burn with fluid shooting out of abdomen] and assessing their nutritional needs, I headed to take my test. It was great fun. Woot woot. raise the roof. it's yo birfday.
Anyway. I studied my rear off... which is actually a great relief because it was gettin much too large. I recorded the lectures, listened to each several times, made notecards, re-did all my assignments to organize the information, etc. Basically if I did poorly, imma esplode.
But I have some beef to pick. No wait... the expression is bone right? I always get stuff mixed up. I'm gonna stick with beef. Well, one of the lovely ladies in my class posted our assignments ONLINE. Yeah, you can pay, then your homework is done. Missas teacha was P-oed! She made the assignment only worth half the points, said they're going to be graded more harshly, and now our test is going to be weighed more heavily. Say WHAT. Of course she announced this right before she handed out the test so I was freakin my little self out. I spent HOURS on those assignments and was relying on the points. To cope with my frustrations, I decided to write an open ended letter to cheaters.

Dear Cheaters,



p.s. seriously.

Oh, I also learned that it's physically impossibly to put olives on a sandwich if you don't have mayo or another kind of dressing. Yup. Guy at the sandwich shop taught me that. This part wasn't so much terrible as it was just awkward. I had to explain to him how he can just put them on top and promise him they'd be fine. No I do not want mayo. or ranch. or ceasar. or anything. thanks for asking. again. and again. Poor guy.

Then there were lots of other things contributing to my day. Like missing my biochem clicker questions by 5 minutes. Just throwin out that example.
You guys might think that since I have one test taken care of, I have lots of free time. Well, I have another test tuesday and then a bunch of biochem assignments. However, maybe I will find the time to wash my hair...which I haven't in 3 days. TMI? Sorry guys, I have priorities.

p.s it's Thursday. Friday comes after Thursday. I'm pretty excited about that.


Mrs. Ali said...

My husband is a chemical engineering major so he's doing the same kind of things in Organic Chemistry classes! He hates when that happens, me too but I'm not in school currently lol

I'm more than willing to kick the cheater in the shins for you tho ;)

Emma Frances said...

Bleh! Good luck with everything and I hope you have a WONDERFUL, RELAXING weekend! I can't believe that stupid cheaters screwed things up for the whole class. That's retarded!

Cindy said...

I know you did well on your exam, Alexis! I hope the cheaters get what they deserve. Collegiate level cheating/plagiarism is a definitely big NO-NO.

Enjoy your weekend and try to catch up on things. Plus the shower thing is totally understandable ahaha I do the same thing sometimes. xD school > hair

Vivian said...

I don't know what most of those symbols are either...maybe I'm the one who doesn't have a life ;)
Good luck with your school. The cheaters will get back what they deserve sooner or later.

karajean said...

:( That sounds awful!! (The part about the cheater girl, especially!) I'm so sorry! Hope today is a better day :)

Courtney B said...

Wow. Life is so crazy busy for you!! I hope you aced your test and that you will have the most relaxing weekend ever!! :)

Ariana said...

OK - so I was just watching a cop show and one of the characters said "So-and-so had a beef with him"

I think you just merged the phrases: "Have a beef with" and "Have a bone to pick" Haha!

Random, but I just thought you should know ;)

Ashley Eliza said...

ya, i have NO clue what the flowers and the dots are??

the pic made me happy non the less.. totally put it on my facebook. it gave me a good laugh.

happy friday pretty girl!!


Tim said...

Ok dear, I think we are living parallel lives. But seriously. School is going to kill me this semester.

p.s. I like hearing about awkward moments. Like sandwich shop guy. Life is just so much more interesting that way, don't you think?

Katie said...

Awww crap, that was ME posting above as Tim. Hahahaha sorry. I do that far too often.

Kylie said...

I hope you have a chance to relax for a bit this weekend after such a stressful week! Remember to take some time for you to balance everything out :)

Chelsea said...

Woah. You are a busy little human. I almost put bee, but that doesn't quite add up.

Anyway. Just so you know, I could only identify three of those things. So I definitely have a life? Who knows.

Hopefully you're having a relaxing weekend!