Sunday, September 11, 2011

If looks could kill

you all would be dead after seeing that picture. 

But wait, you have to stay alive a little longer. It gets better. 

Just when you thought we did really mature things on Sunday nights, it gets better. 

I know what you're thinking and the answer is a big YES. You can be our friends. Lucky you!

Oh, and also, you're right. We should probably spend a little more time picking up our junk and less time downloading ridiculous apps. Maybe tomorrow we'll be grown ups.

And yes. Apparently secret agents are known for their toots. 

p.s. if you're wondering what the poop app is, you can download a tracker where you record all kinds of fun things about your poops. What are you waiting for? Bust out those smart phones. 


Emma Frances said...

I want the mustache app! It's awesome! And I'm glad I can be your guys' friend. Also, I'm glad that when people get married it doesn't mean they have to all of a sudden be mature. Haha. I think I got more immature when I got married {at least when it's just me and the hubster}. Haha.

Chelsea said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. This is so good. At first, I really thought your husburger had eaten a protein heavy meal, and I was like "why are they filming thatttt?" But no. You guys are just hilarious.

Libby said...

you got me at mustache app and poop app haha! my fiance and i love both ;) although I am not totally crazy for his mustache when he grows his mustache out for Mustache March : /

Libby on the Label

Ariana said...

Holy hamburger I laughed so hard at this... AT WORK !!

But I have to admit, I was puzzled at the secret agent part ;)

Smart phones (and ya'll!) are definitely awesome :)

Sara Bell said...

Ha ha ha ha ha, I must get an iphone just so I can do that!

Courtney B said...

Oh good grief... this totally reminds me of that one commercial.. you know? I think it has something to do with insurance and silly smart phone apps...or something?? Haha anyway!
Eric has all sorts of fart apps...gross. Except we love to walk around wal mart and have his phone fart the whole time. Haha we are freaks!