Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Too busy to be busy.

This is a little late.
As all my posts are, aren't they?

Anyway, on Sunday I went to church. That part is normal. Throughout church, I got little ideas [promptings] of things I should improve and people who need my help. Again, that part is normal. Then I went home and wrote everything down. That part was new. The typical outcome is that I come home, move on with my day and forget all about those whisperings.

But on Sunday I didn't. I made a T chart. Remember those from jump ropin days? On one side I wrote "What I need to work on" And on the other I wrote "How I'm going to work on it." Simple. I made 4 sections, each of someone needing my help or of something I personally need to work on. I made goals for each area. And you know what? I think that's the most I've gotten out of church in a long time. I think often us church goers go to church, do our part, enjoy our time there, and then forget all about what we felt and learned without putting those things to use.

I believe in Heavenly Father [God] with my whole heart. Whether or not you do, I think we all have areas that we know we need to work on, or friends we know that can benefit from our help. Why don't we act on those ideas? Honestly, I think a big part is just that we flat out forget. Another is that we don't know how to start. Keep it simple.

For example, say you need to work on patience. Make a goal to not yell at the oven once that week for not heating up well! [hey, maybe you have a mischevious oven. Who am I to judge?] Start simple. Set goals you know you WILL accomplish. Be realistic, and don't let failure be an option!
Or let's say you have a friend that you know is lonely. Maybe you don't have enough time that week to stop by and see her all night, but you could send her a letter or give her a phonecall.

Working on this made me wonder how I'm going to be remembered.
Do I want to be remembered by being busy, or being kind?
[the answer is kind, btw]
It's so hard to remember what's important in the end! Can I get an amen?! I thought about how us humans have an unspoken competition with each other about who is the busiest. What's so great about being busy? Does how busy you are indicate how much you're worth? Seriously. Wouldn't it be so much better to be remembered as kind, genuine, even tempered, optimistic, creative, loving, optimistic...there's a huge list of characteristics that are would be way better better than being remembered by being busy. I hope when I die people don't say, "oh, that Alexis! She was just busy all the dang time!"
Why do we think being busy is such a good thing?
How do you want to be remembered?
How do you keep your life simple?

Oh and in case you were wondering if anything has changed....
it hasn't. Still madly in love with my husband :)
[ oh, but my hair did. I cut my hair! Pictures to come as soon as I can sit down at home for more than 18 seconds!]


Jen said...

I love the idea of the t-chart! especially since I'm such a list-making fanatic. I struggle very much with being busy, and so far the first 2 weeks of school have made it 9000 times worse. It's such an awful feeling. It makes it tough to be the best version of myself, too.. because when I'm busy I'm overwhelmed, and tired, and grouchy.. and so on. I guess I have to figure out how to find some balance. Maybe I can start by making lists and plans :)
Can't wait to see your haircut!

Emma Frances said...

I have to write things down too otherwise I just move on with life and forget all the little promptings I have had. I needed this little reminder today! Especially with school starting this week I really need to remember to be kind and not just busy. So thank you!! Good luck with everything and I can't wait to see your new hair! YAY for haircuts!

LaynahRose said...

I think this will be more of a blessing than you even know! You're training your spirit to get better and better at listening to the still small voice. Genius. I must try.

katielizabethawkes said...

it's sooooooooooooo easy to be busy. i wanted to just push my fist into that "o" and hold it down until the "soooo" took up tons and tons of room. i have to control myself by learning to say no to things that aren't essential during some periods of my life when the bare minimum is all i can handle. And then at other times, i need to tell myself to shake it up and cut loose and stay out too late, etc. i think there is no cut and and dry answer...just depends on what i feel good about doing and not doing at that particular phase in my life.