Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday, Monday, MONDAY!

Hey guys. Happy Monday! Did you know that the world belongs to the energetic? That's what Ralph Waldo Emerson (it was him right?) claims. I like him.

I had a super productive day today! Yep, got tons of wedding plans done while juggling two little ones. I talked to ASU way too many times today. They are now on my poo list. It's been months and they keep telling me I have to get ANOTHER minimum 30 day hold before I get back any money. It's getting old. Boo on you ASU!
Oh, and have you ever noticed how my nieces meltdowns always happen the same time my newborn nephew is hungry and wants to eat? You haven't? Well, I have. At three years old she has mastered bad timing. 

Enough with the ranting, today is great. I got a present today. Any day I get a present is great by me!
Miss Ashley gave me this award cuz she's sweet like that!
I have to tell you some things about me.

1) Yellow, polka dots, Dr. Pepper, Clint, baby grins, and staring at my engagement ring are some things that make me happy.
2) I am a total 100% people person! I love people! But after big social events, I get so tuckered out. You guys wear me out! People both excite and exhaust me.
3) I'm really bad at faking emotion. If I'm happy, sad, contemplative, energetic, in love, depressed, excited....whatever I am- it shows.
4) My once toe head is turning red!
5) Whenever I hear music, I see a dance in my head. It's like my 7th sense. My 6th waking up before my alarm clock. Honestly almost everyday I wake up 10-60 minutes before my alarm is supposed to go off. I have an internal alarm clock. It's both awesome and annoying.

I nominate:

There you go girls! Here are the "rules".
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Oh, did you say you want to see more pictures from the thrift store prom we went to? Your wish is my command.
 We wanted to do the old school serious thing.
 I really love him. Did you know he's going to be my husband?!
And that was all she wrote! Have a good monday friends!


Gentri said...

hahaha! So cute! I love those pictures!! :) I am hosting my first ever giveaway right now and would LOOOVE it if you entered!!

elise said...

Ha. love you! Thanks for nominating me. :)

Also, totally diggin' the thrift store prom outfit.

Courtney B said...

You're the sweetest :) Thank you SOOO much!
I freakin' love your thrift store prom outfit! Seriously so cute!

Kimberlee said...

Thrift store prom...fabulous idea.