Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why relationships are so great.

(1) I show him how delicious healthy food can be.
Wheat no fat mini burrito. Romain lettuce. Half an avocado. Olives. Gala apple. 
p.s. I was so proud that last night during our dinner of turkey wheat sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, and avacado that he didn't reach for the chips until after the sugar snap peas and carrots to dip in jalepeno cilantro hummus was almost gone!

(2) He shows me how delicious unhealthy food can be
(3) He buys me sparkly things. Well, one to be exact. But that's plenty for me!

(4) He embraces my creativity and took me on the most perfect date ever for lovers day!

Like how I caught you guys up and you didn't even realize it? Sneaky Sneaky. Chocolate festival, tender moments, changed eating habits (REJOICE), and Valentines Day! 

Want to know why else they are great? Sometimes we fight. Just kidding, we never fight. I just said that to fit in. But if we did fight, It would go something like this:
It would start for a silly reason like one person says something without thinking or one person is tired and grumpy. Then this silly fight would go for a few minutes. Probably about three minutes. Then the guilty one or two persons would fess up, apologize, and then we'd fall even more in love. This "fighting" doesn't sound so bad. Maybe we should start! 

Since I'm catching you up...
This sweet baby is my nephew. That look on his face means that I LOVE him so much! I spend a good part of Sundays and Mondays snuggling him. He is the best baby I have ever seen. I'm so excited for him to grow and to see the person he becomes. Babies are a ray of sunshine. 

A few weeks ago I had a silly idea to make a paper chain of days we have left until the wedding. Of course Clint it sweet and he goes with my silly ideas!
So many days!

I was sad I had to hold it with two hands for it to no touch the ground. I can ALMOST hold it straight out now without it touching!
I can't wait to see that last one! Right now we are at 46 days! Can you believe it?

I kinda like him.

Oh, p.s. my sweet friend Ashley at Divorced and 21 made me a button. Mozy on over to the right side of the blog and you'll find it. You just copy the URL, go to your blog. Hit design. Add a gadget to the right side, then click add html, then paste! Super easy. :) thanks lovelies!

p.s.s. I'm 99% sure we have our apartment picked out! You can basically see the end of the apartment from the front door. Yay for being poor and in love!


Ashley said...

I used to make paper chains all the time! They make counting the days much more fun (and tolerable!)

Clint said...

5.21.11 not 3.21.11! i wish! ;)

[Lovely by M] Michelle said...

I love the food part...isn't that so true! My eating habits are definitely not the same now that I'm married but my husband has taught me to enjoy some of those not so healthy but super tasty foods! Your healthy dish looks absolutely amazing though.

MJ {The Honeypie Archives} said...

This makes me want to make a chain, I'm getting married in May as well! oooh it's coming right up :)

ashley.warner said...

your wedding day will be here before you know it! eeek!
I am squealing with excitement for you!!! hooray!

And that babe is darling!

karajean said...

I was engaged for less than 3 months and it felt like forever... just wait until the last 2 weeks though! Someone at work made me a paper chain when I only had 9 days left, and oh boy, those 9 days were excruciating! But they passed, and married life is fabulous :)

Ashley said...

woooweee i lovvve this!!!!!!! getting married is SOOOO exciting! Enjoy your fun engagement...i cant wait to see wedding pictures :)

elise said...

K, seriously, you are adorable. And you and your cute fiance together = even more adorable. I totally love your blog!