Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's not you, it's me.

                                                    I learned something about myself today.
My mom and I went to costco to buy some candy for the candy bar and order the sheet cakes.
Get excited guys, it's gonna be a party!
After the shopping was done, I went to grab a piece of pizza because everyone knows their pizza is most delicious. It was 2:45, and I hadn't eaten yet today. You guys know how I am when I'm hungry. I have blood sugar issues, okay? I had JUST sat down when some guy came up to me (not so nicely) asking if someone was sitting by me. I said yes, I had another person coming. The table only seats four, pretty cozy. Like
smell-each-other's-breath kinda cozy. Or no-way-you're-not-in-ear-range-even-if-I'm-quiet-as-a-mouse cozy. My mom was grabbing the drinks while this was happening. So after he asks again if this seat is taken and I say yes, he signals his wife over to plop down right next to me! There were literally about 20 open tables. Twenty. I'm not even exaggerating. Okay, maybe 18, but it was close to 20! It's a big place, and if you'll remember, it's not prime lunch time. How much sense is this making? So after his wife sat down, I greeted her with a smile, then picked up my stuff to move a few tables down to one of the many open ones. I was sincerely bugged. I wasn't mad at him, not at all, I was just bugged someone was right in my space. And there you have it. Looks like I'm a bubble person. I need my space.
Am I just crazy? Or would this bug you too? 
After thinking about it, I realized how nuts it drives me when someone is over my shoulder looking at something I'm looking at. Or when they talk with their face right in mine. I'm getting the heebie jeebies just thinking about it .

Know what else I was thinking about today? How crazy people are. Who in their right mind would design/buy this?!
Good news guys! It's on sale on HSN.com for $15.50 right now. Whose in line behind me? Wouldn't a snuggie be the opposite of what you would want for a dog? Do people realize dogs walk on four legs? Wouldn't it slip off as soon as the dog moved? 

This just proves my point earlier. People don't make sense.  

Also, just a public service announcement to remind you that we only have 47 remaining days til the union of the above couple.  

p.s. has anyone else out there had meningitis? I am still in a LOT of pain and it's starting to effect my mood ifyaknowwhatimsayin. Nausea, headaches, lightheadedness. Someone help! Someone told me about a thing you can get where they draw blood and inject it into your spinal cord. Anyone had that done? Someone make me better! I will bake you a very large cake!  


Megan said...

Ugh, I would have been super annoyed, too. Who needs to sit that close.

The thing where they inject the blood into your spinal cord is called a blood patch. I have never had one done, but I work in the ER and we do them a lot. They are a really easy procedure and almost always stop the headaches. Did you have a spinal tap done to diagnose the meningitis?

Bon Bon said...

So annoying! Why did they need to sit right by you? Some people in this world:-) Goodness! I would've been so confused! No one gets between me and my Costco pizza (or hot dog)! xoxo

Alexa Mae said...

Yuck!! I would not have liked that. Only because he ASKED and you told him. So weird. People, people, people!!!! I love costco pizza! It should be a sin.

Meningitis? Since when? So scary isn't it?

Rachel said...

O.M.G. is that a dog snuggie!!?!? Hilarious. I have a dachshund.. I may need one! Ha! 47 days?! Ahh!!! :D