Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bandwagons are fun.

 You ever see how many bizarre ways there are to get in shape?

Well today I purchased the last one. It's true. and embarrassing It's supposed to trim your thighs. Seeing as how I have been self-conscious  about my thighs since about age 5 (and you think I'm exaggerating), I figured maybe it was time to join the crazies and see if this junk works. Considering that someone soon will see my thunder thighs regularly, it's time for the last resort. Wish me luck friends!

p.s. Sorry about the downer of a post earlier. Even though I gave no specifics, it made me feel an ounce better. I desperately needs one of those helmets from the Jetson's that you can scream in as loud as you want and no one can hear you. Is being engaged this overwhelming for everyone? They should make pills for this stuff.


Caitlin Jones said...

i dont know if there are any pills that cure it but (there are some that make it worse) just beware if you are taking birth control pills cause they made me CARAZY haha!! but dont worry, its just the engagement, everything gets immediately when you're finally just married : )

Becca said...

I bought that contraption one time, guess how many times I used it? ZERO. hahahaha, I ended up using it as a white elephant gift. hopefully you get some better use out of it than I did!