Monday, April 4, 2011

How to cure a bad mood

1) Eat a snack. You're not you when you're hungry.

2) Take a nap, or get to bed on time for a change.
3) Wear your favorite outfit or pair of shoes

Someone buy these for me please.
4) Ask a stranger how their day is going and mean it!
5) Remember that kindness begins with you. You can break the cycle! Plus, Kindness is very closely linked to happiness!
6) Tell someone in your life how much you appreciate them.
7) Step back and think about how important what's upseting you really is.

8) Put your phone on silent.

9) Take a bath
10) Put some humor into your day. Laugh at yourself, make a joke, or if you lack creativity, google one.
11) When someone bothers you, think of something positive about them to counteract the negative thought.
12) Tell yourself outloud, "I can do this". Sometimes I seriously say that to myself ten times in a day. And you know what? It works! It works really well if you accompany it with a deep breath.

13) Enjoy the beauty of a sunset or sunrise.
14) Paint your nails a happy color
15) If all else fails, listen to Backstreet Boys as loud as your possibly can.

There you go. You have no excuses now! Go out and have a good day!

Smiling helps too! :D


Adrienne said...

Is there any kind of button I can press? It would be a lot easier lol.

brittany said...

yeah buddy! backstreets back!:)

Kristen Jensen said...

Girl, I just LOVE your blog!! You have such talent with writing, someday you're going to be one of those people who became famous because of their blog! PS. I LOVE BACKSTREET BOYS!!!!

Megan said...

Love this!! I definitely agree with all of these, especially eating!! Haha.

Becca said...

love this list, it's so true about ALL of those things and sometimes we just need to do every single stinking one til we feel better!! hahaha thanks!