Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today is a gift, that's why it's called the present.

Things are getting better. I'm feeling better. After my miracle I posted about yesterday, I've felt such a boost. I know, I know. It probably seems so simple to you, but it was exactly what I needed. If you think about it, I bet you have some miracles that happen in your life that go unnoticed. And if you haven't yet, read yesterday's post. It'll make you feel good.

Today Clint and I looked at apartments. Come again? Today. Clint and I. Clint is my future husband. Looked. At. Apartments. Together. Crazy. I'm so excited! I seriously can't wait for the day when we don't have to say good-bye every night. I look forward to talking about our day over breakfast, folding the laundry together, or Clint pulling out all of my hair from the drain. Let's hope the feeling is mutual. Sure, my view of how our life will be might be a little skewed, but a girl can dream right? Attention married people. Any tips for us? Tips for things to register we might not have thought of? Things to look for in an apartment? How to split up chores? Lay it all out there friends.

As soon as I get my computer back and can post real pictures, I'll post a wedding update. We've been able to do a lot the past few weeks. We picked up my wedding dress today. I bought my flowers for my bouqet. The bridesmaid dresses are done. We took engagement pictures. Picked out our announcement. I made the hair pieces for the bridesmaids (get excited girls, they're cute). The DJ is booked. The venue is booked. And a million other things! Anyway, that's to come. For now, I need your help. Me and Clint don't have a song. Help us decide between these two.

I know, they're both so cute right? Okay, help me decide. There's no way I ever will.

Also, I changed my blog URL. abeautifuldaytobealive was just too long. It was confusing when people asked. Since "alexisinlove" and "alexisloves" were taken I settled on "alexislaughs". Simple and to the point. My name is Alexis, and I laugh. If you have me on your blog roll, please check to make sure it is still on there. I appreciate it! :)

p.s. I want to thank you all for the support you've given me through this blog. I've gotten texts, e-mails, facebook messages, and post comments supporting me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Plus, it's nice to know people read the nonsense I put on here!


Emma said...

Tip: make sure you do split the chores. I spoiled my new hubby the first year being super wife and now I have to deal with the repercussions :) Ha!

Jennifer said...

We made a deal that I will do all the house stuff if he will do all the outside work, keep up the cars, take out the trash and other "man things", or at least what I consider man things. Really it depends on the couple though. I remember when we were looking at apartments...so exciting! Good luck with everything!

britt said...

sweat pea! pick the amos lee song. they are both great but its happier i think, little more smiley:)

Amy said...

Every couple is different, you'll figure out what works for you two. One piece of advice I got from a coworker was not to split 50-50%, but to each give 100%. I really like that. Sometimes you might feel like you're doing more, but you might not realize how much effort he's putting in, so don't ever try to "keep score."

Pretty much I think a successful marriage comes down to being selfless. Usually when I find myself in a bad mood it's because I'm thinking of things my hub could do to make me happy, instead of the other way around.

If you want lots of awesome marriage advice call up the Matheson's! I loved the sessions we had with them; I can't think of a couple I'd rather be like.

I'm so excited for you, I think you two will be so happy!