Friday, March 18, 2011

It was a lil bit scary.

That's what my niece always says when something is any range of scary, even if she means "I thought I was going to die I was so scared", although I wouldn't leave such vivid thoughts to three year olds, by the way do you know the definition of a run on sentence?
That's her, by the way. 
But when I say a little bit scary right now I mean a LOT a bit scary. Like possible pee your pants and scream your stinkin lungs out so scary. 

I scheduled an appointment with my gynecologist today. A person or two on earth might argue with me, but I say that it is, in fact, the worst place on the entire world. It's in the dictionary as an acronym for Disneyland. My heart was racing while the phone was ringing. I wish I was just being dramatic, but I'm not even joking. The frequent appointments may be the part I least look forward to with having a baby. Yes, even more so than labor. 
Actually, I'm not sure. It's close. I'll get back to you on that one.

I've heard people say you get used to it. I say they're full of it. Get used to having a strangers face in an uncomfortable place (to say the least) poking and prodding you? Doubt it. Seriously, SERIOUSLY doubt it. Try again next time, you lose.  
Stirrups may sound like fun and games, but they are not. Wouldn't you know that the first available afternoon appointment would be on my birthday? Yeah right. Yeah flippin right. I am not bringing in my 21st year like that. So, I scheduled an appointment for Tuesday, March 29th at 1:30. I will bring in my first full day of being 21 going to the worst possible place. Better me than you right? ;)

By the way, I think this is going to be me and Clint's wedding song. First dance anyone?
HAHAHAH Is that hilarious or what? And completely inappropriate? I laughed the whole time thinking about people's reactions if that was our song. Anyone dare me? This wedding business is stressful. Gotta make light of it sometimes. 

Funny story. The other night Clint came with me to the grocery story. He opened my door and when I got out of the car he gave me a big bear bug and told me he loved me because he's sweet like that. I was looking over his shoulder and saw an old lady just standing there fiddling with her keys waiting for us. She was trying to get into her car we were parked next to. Didn't want to ruin the moment with Clint, but it was awkward. So I pulled away a bit and pushed Clint to the side and when the lady made eye contact I said "Sorry! We're engaged! We can't help it!" She thought it was really funny. I hope she goes home and gives her husband of 40 years a big bear hug and tells him she loves him! :) I just love love! 

And to make SURE this is the longest blog post in my history, I have more for you. If you want to see a little pick-me-up, these two blog posts will do just that!
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By the way, I had a cry day today. You know, the kind where you cry for an hour straight about everything that's happened in the past 2 flippin months. I love them. No, I'm serious. It feels so good. Afterwards I always feel realigned. Like okay, I can do this now! Alright March 18th, 2011. What do you have for me?


Becca said...

This post totally cracked me up!haha Good luck and happy birthday!!!

andy & lo said...

Girl! The gynecologist I swear isn't scary. Promise promise. It's just another part of your body and the doctor sees a million cheetahs (that's what I call them) ha a day. I remember my first visit the doctor was asking me about college while feeling my boobs I was like 'oh hey moving a little quick' but it really wasn't that big of a deal! Just relax! Firsts are just hard because of the unknown.

Nikki & Drew said...

seriously, I won't lie... I was scared. I even had a female doctor for my first visit before I got married. but I think she told me what she was gunna do... she tried, it wasnt happening. she went on with the appointment then tried again. still wasn't happening. hahaha

but when I did have my first real exam, 2 years later, it was no big. I even had a guy dr then. but he was very very thorough with explaining everything he was going to be before we were even in the exam room. and once we were in the room, he told me again before he did anything. which is comforting.

which doctor are you going to? well if it is a guy, just know its not gunna just be you and him in a room and he examines you. There will be a female nurse of some kind in there too. It does actually go pretty fast. just remember to breathe and relax, that really helps.

ashley.warner said...

Oh my heck! your gyno appointment sounds HORRIBLE. I've had my fair share with the gyno due to cysts on my ovary.
HATE that doctor (weirdest part of all, mine is a stake president!) haha

thanks for tagging me for the 'pick me up blog'
I wish we could be real life friends, ya know, like go get Mexican food together and sip Dr. Peppers.

lots of love.
ps. email me your address because I still need to ship you your LOVE CD
I am so terrible!